How do I describe my previous job profile?

Practice your answer Consider writing a numbered list of all of the talking points you want to include in your answer. Use the job description and keywords, your rephrased resume items and past experiences that relate to required tasks in the new position.

Why do you want a change of career?

They want to hear that you’re leaving for the right reasons—a better opportunity, more challenges, and career growth. The interviewer will want to be sure that you aren’t leaving your job because of poor performance, difficult working relationships, or because you hate your job or your boss.

How do I write a CV for a career change?

9 Top Tips for Writing a Career Change CVStart afresh. Make a great first impression. Write an opening paragraph using the new job description. Choose a mixed format. Know what to leave out from your career change CV. Highlight valuable non-work related experience. Show your value with numbers. Find natural crossovers.