How do I enable mass storage mode on my Android?

How do I set up mass storage? To use mass storage mode on Android devices, tap the ”Applications” icon, then tap the “Settings” icon. Tap the “More” option, then tap “USB Utilities.” Tap the “Connect Storage to PC” button to enable the mode.

How do I change my Android from MTP to mass storage?

Older Android devices support USB mass storage for transferring files back and forth with a computer. Modern Android devices use the MTP or PTP protocols — you can choose which one you prefer. To select a USB connection protocol, open the Settings app, tap Storage, tap the menu button, and tap USB computer connection.

How do I turn off mass storage mode?

Disconnecting a USB Mass Storage Device On your Droid, slide down the notification panel and tap “USB Connected” to turn off USB storage. Your phone’s internal storage, including apps stored on the SD card, becomes accessible again.

How do I enable USB mass storage?

To set the Samsung Galaxy S2 to USB Mass Storage (MSC) mode, go into “Settings > Applications > Development” and enable “USB debugging”. Then drag the status bar down and tap on “USB connected”. The “USB connected” screen with the large green Android icon will appear. Tap on “Connect USB storage”.

How do I enable mass storage?

Enable mass storage is very easy, you can check the settings in android devices to do it. Just go to Settings > Wireless and Network > USB Utilities > Connect storage to PC.

How do I access mass storage mode?

To use mass storage mode on Android devices, tap the ”Applications” icon, then tap the “Settings” icon. Tap the “More” option, then tap “USB Utilities.” Tap the “Connect Storage to PC” button to enable the mode.

How do I set my USB to MTP?


  1. Navigate to ‘Apps’ > ‘Power Tools’ > ‘EZ Config’ > ‘Generator’
  2. Open DeviceConfig.xml. Expand ‘DeviceConfig’ > ‘Other Settings’ Tap ‘Set USB Mode’ and set to required option. MTP – Media Transfer Protocol (File transfers) PTP – Photo Transfer Protocol. Select ‘Update Configure’ Save.
  3. Reboot the device.

How do I enable mass storage mode?

How do I fix USB mass storage device?

Solution 1: Uninstall the Driver

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Right-click on USB Mass Storage Device and select Uninstall.
  3. If prompted for the continue, click the OK button. If you see Delete the driver software for this device, click the box next to it, then click the OK button.
  4. Restart your PC.

What is a mass storage mode?

Mass storage mode is a setting that allows a desktop or laptop computer to easily integrate with a mobile device. When mass storage mode is on, a mobile device is treated like a removable disk, which allows the computer to directly talk with the device. While the mobile device goes into this storage mode,…

How do you access USB ports?

To access a USB device from a Windows computer: Insert a USB drive into the USB port on the front or back of the modem router. If your USB drive has a power supply, you must use it when you connect the USB drive to the modem router. Click the Start button on your computer’s desktop.You can access a USB device connected to the modem router USB port.

What is a mass storage device?

Mass Storage Device (MSD) Definition – What does Mass Storage Device ( MSD ) mean? A mass storage device (MSD) is any storage device that makes it possible to store and port large amounts of data across computers, servers and within an IT environment.

What is mass storage mode on a BlackBerry smartphone?

Mass storage mode is a feature on Android smartphones and BlackBerrys that enables devices as a removable drive when connected to a computer. In order to use mass storage, the mode must first be enabled on the device.