How do I fix Microsoft Office activation failed?

To restore all features of Office, you’ll need to fix the problem that’s causing activation to fail.

  1. Step 1: Sign in to Office with the right account.
  2. Step 2: Check for multiple copies of Office.
  3. Step 3: Check your subscription status.
  4. Step 4: Troubleshoot activation.

How do I fix Office Activation error 0xc004f017?

How to fix error code 0xc004f017?

  1. Go to the start menu and click the control panel to open the programs and select Programs and Features.
  2. Click on the office program you need to repair and click on change.
  3. In the next step click on Quick Repair.
  4. After completion of office repair, you may need to restart the computer.

Why is my Microsoft Office not activated?

Microsoft Office is configured to activate when you first use it, however sometimes this activation can fail if your time and date are incorrect or you are not connected to an NMU Network. In order for Microsoft Office to activate you have to be connected to an NMU Network such as WiFi, Wired, or LTE.

Is Microsoft Toolkit a virus?

As per the information we have the Microsoft Toolkit.exe is not a Virus or Malware.

What does error code 0xC004F074 mean?

Error code 0xC004F074 indicates that Key Management Service could not be contacted during the activation procedure. KMS is a service responsible for the automatic activation of Windows or MS Office licenses once such software is installed. Windows is unable to reach your company’s activation service.

What is error code 0xc004e003?

Windows error code 0xc004e003 is an error that usually occurs when you try to activate Windows. You may get an error message, “The Software Licensing Service reported that license evaluation failed. This may occur if the license validity interval has expired, or if the license is not signed correctly.

Why is Windows 10 1809 not activating with MS toolkit?

Iam having hard time trying to activate MS Office with MS toolkit, on new Win 10 1809 version toolkit not working anymore, it just wont activate, activation progress stucks. My toolkit is 2.6.5 it was hard to find non virus version but worked for years now without any problems but 1809 gives pain in ass.

How to fix Microsoft tool kit MTK activation method?

ERROR TEXT: The data is invalid.” 1. First of all, make sure to try this possible fix: 2. If the above didn’t work, try the alternative activation method shown below ( Source 1 and Source 2 ): 3. Now try to activate again.

Why is mstoolkit not detecting Microsoft Office 2013?

Today I uninstalled office 2013 and cleaned my registry, reinstalled office 2013 again – MSToolkits still not detecting. Any suggestions? Sorry such a l ong note post.

Why is Microsoft toolkit 2.6.4 not working?

No Key Management Service (KMS) could be contacted. Please see the Application Event Log for additional information. Anyone else seen this? I’m kinda baffled. This worked for me. If anyone is still having this issue. Make sure that any anti-virus software is off when you do this.