How do I get my re1 key from the gallery?

It is found after fighting Neptune at the bottom of the Aqua Ring.

Where is the picture room in Resident Evil?

The first thing you need to do is go to the painting room, located on the eastern side of the mansion.

How do you open the room in 001 Resident Evil?

Numbers, 001 is imprinted. A small silver key with the number 001 etched on the handle. This key opens the door to Room 001 in the Guardhouse Residence.

What is the code in Resident Evil 1?

Wiki Targeted (Games) Pass Code 01 (パスコード01, pasu kōdo 01?) is a file that can only be found in the original Resident Evil, and was written-out of the remake-format versions.

Can you drop items Resident Evil 1?

The only way to drop items is at item boxes you’ll find in certain save rooms around the map. Item boxes are large black containers that sitin the corner of several safe rooms in the game.

Where are the old keys in Resident Evil?

Old Key 1 – You can find one old key near the type writer in the first floor Item Box room. Old Key 2 – You can find a second old key in a bathtub after you pull the plug. The bathtub is is in the bathroom on the first floor, past the room where the dogs jump through the window at you.

What is the metal object for in Resident Evil?

One is used to open the door in the Roofed Passage to access the Garden Shed and, ultimately, the Courtyard. Later on when you acquire the second Stone and Metal Object by combining the Stone Ring with the Metal Object, you can remove the first one from its place in the Roofed Passage.

Where is the missing music in Resident Evil?

The Musical Score (also known as the Music Notes) is found on a shelf in the 1F west lounge of the Spencer Mansion.

How do I get to plant 42 Resident Evil?

Walking across the catwalk you’ll find a room you haven’t entered yet. Inside will be a part of Plant 42. Use the V-Jolt. Now, return to Room 003 and enter Plant 42’s lair from the hidden bookcase door just beyond.

Where is the control room key in Resident Evil?

This key is used in the Aqua Ring below the Guardhouse Residence, it’s used to open the door to the Control Room.

How do you get V-jolt?

The solution for the puzzle and to create the V-JOLT is:

  1. Combine water (represented by the 1) and UMB No. 3 to make NP-004.
  2. Combine NP-004 and Yellow-6 to make UMB No.
  3. Combine 1 and Yellow-6 to make UMB No.
  4. Combine UMB No. 10 and UMB No. 7 to make VP-017.
  5. Combine VP-017 and UMB No. 3 to make V-JOLT.

What do I do with the Red Book in Resident Evil?

Is there a special way to use it? A large red book, all the pages are blank. This doesn’t seem to have a purpose until you’ve acquired the Organic Chemistry Lab Experiment file. Then it can be used to complete the row of books in Room 003.