How do I move files from iPhone to Dropbox?

How to add files to Dropbox on your iPhone

  1. Tap the word “Create” at the bottom of the Dropbox app screen.
  2. Select “Create or Upload File.”
  3. Tap “Upload File” on the menu, then hit “Browse.”
  4. Locate the file you want to upload on your iPhone, then choose where on Dropbox you want to keep it.
  5. Tap “Upload.”

How do I add photos to a Dropbox album?

Add photos to an album From the main menu, tap Photos. To begin selecting photos, tap the checkmark icon in the top right corner, or long press on a photo. Once you’ve selected the photos and videos you want to add to an album, tap the add to album icon (you can create a new album or add to an existing album).

How do I upload photos to someone else’s Dropbox?

Solution 1. Share files/folder of your Dropbox account with another

  1. Go to and log in to your Dropbox account.
  2. Click Files in the left column. Then, hover over the file or folder you’d like to share and click Share.
  3. Type the Email or name of the person (or people) you’d like to share with.
  4. Click Share.

Should I store my photos on Dropbox?

Great if you want to sync across multiple devices It’s great for syncing files and folders across several computers. The Dropbox app can then be used to view your photos on phones and tablets, though it’s also got a camera upload option that auto-uploads all photos taken on devices.

Why can’t I upload files to Dropbox?

If you can’t upload photos and videos to Dropbox, check how much of your space you’re using. Maybe the files you’re trying to upload put your account over quota. Then ensure your connection is stable and temporarily disable other cloud apps, as well as your security tools.

How do I access someone else’s Dropbox?

Request access to a shared folder

  1. Click the invitation link that you received.
  2. Click Request access.
  3. If you have more than one Dropbox account, select which account you’d like to add the shared folder to.
  4. Your request will be sent to the folder owner, and you’ll be notified if the owner accepts your request.

Can I give someone access to my Dropbox?

You can share files with anyone, including people without Dropbox accounts, by sharing a link to any file or folder. Shared links are view-only, and by default anyone with the link can view and download its contents. Dropbox Professional and Dropbox Business customers can add passwords and expirations to shared links.

What’s the best way to store digital photos?

The Two Routes

  1. Flickr. Robust image management system, allowing you to upload, edit, and organize your images.
  2. Dropbox Recommended. It’s easy to use and you can integrate it into your computer’s storage options.
  3. Amazon Photos.
  4. Google Photos New Pricing.
  5. Apple iCloud.
  6. Backblaze Best Backup Solution.
  7. iDrive.

How do you upload pictures from your iPhone to Dropbox?

To upload photos to Dropbox from iPhone, just follow the steps below. 1. Sign up for a Dropbox account on the website. 2. Download the Dropbox iOS app. 3. Launch the app and sign in. 4. After that, the Dropbox app will ask you if you want to automatically upload your photos to Dropbox.

Can I Save my iPhone photos on Dropbox?

Yes, you’re able to save or back up iOS Live Photos to Dropbox. To transfer your Live and Burst Mode photos from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac computer, you can manually upload each file to your Dropbox account. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to automatically transfer Live Photos from Apple devices via camera uploads at this time.

How do you upload pictures from Dropbox?

Open Dropbox on your phone. Open the Dropbox folder where you’d like to store your photos. Tap the + (plus) icon at the bottom of your screen. Choose Upload Photos. Tap the photos you would like to upload. Tap the folder icon (Android) or Next (iOS), and select where you’d like the files to be added.

How can I sync photos with Dropbox?

For iPhone: Install the Dropbox app, then sign in with your Dropbox username and password. All set? Tap the folder where you’d like to sync your images (such as the pre-existing Photos folder), tap the “+” sign in the top-right corner of the screen, then tap the You can also sync all your iPhone photos with Dropbox by turning on the Camera Upload feature.