How do I write my achievements for promotion?

Write down your accomplishments: Include “what you did and why it was important.” Also “show how that achievement helped your company, [and] include positive comments that other people have made about your work.” So for those of you not born to be self-promoters, take heart.

How do you document achievements at work?

Some options to track your achievements at work include:Keep a handwritten journal. Input into an app on your phone or tablet. Use a voice recorder. Write them on your calendar. Continually add to your resume. Related: How to Painlessly Keep Your Resume Updated (Even While Employed)Create an online portfolio.

How do you write a team achievement?

The Right Way To Praise Your Team’s AccomplishmentsDescribe Your Successes Meaningfully. Keep your account of your team’s achievements specific and meaningful. Talk About The Challenges You Overcame. Next, describe the twists and turns in your journey. Mention Your Team Member By Name. Share A Vision For The Future.