How do you adjust the front derailleur on a Campagnolo?

The outward edge of the cage also needs to be set parallel with the large chainring.

  1. Front Derailleur Cage should sit 1.5 to 3 mm above the top teeth on the large chainring.
  2. Set the low limit, followed by the cable tension, and then the outer limit.
  3. Use cable anchor to set cable tension.

Which way do you turn a barrel adjuster front derailleur?

Turn the barrel adjuster clockwise (a quarter turn at a time) to move the derailleur cage inward, away from the chain surface. Turn it the counterclockwise direction to move the cage outward.

Which way tightens a barrel adjuster?

Clockwise “tightens” the barrel adjuster, like a screw, so it threads INTO the shifter and shortens the cable path, loosening the cable. When you install new cables, make sure your barrel adjusters are fully tightened so you have maximum adjustment as your cables lengthen.

Is it normal for chain to rub on front derailleur?

Front Derailleur Performance It is possible that the front derailleur will rub the chain slightly even on properly adjusted bikes. Loosening the H-limit would move the front cage out more, and may stop the rubbing, but it may also cause the chain to shift over the largest ring and come off.

Why is my chain hitting my derailleur?

The reason the chain rubs is because the cable is too loose. And when it’s too loose, shifting onto the large chainring results in only a partial shift. With sufficient tension on the derailleur cable, the derailleur cage will move to its full outside limit and there will be clearance for the chain – and no rubbing.

How to adjust Campagnolo front derailleurs-thebiketube?

How to Adjust Campagnolo Front Derailleurs: The foundation that every good front derailleur tune is built on is correct derailleur alignment. Start by setting the position of the front derailleur.

What should I adjust my front derailleur to?

The majority of front shifting problems can be solved with basic adjustments to the limit screws and index setting of the front derailleur system. In this video we’ll show you how to properly set up and adjust your front derailleur to eliminate rub, noise, slow shifting, and inaccessible gears. Questions or comments? Leave them below!

Do you need a Campagnolo cable tension adjuster?

• For a correct adjustment, this front derailleur must absolutely provide the cable tension adjuster. If there is no front derailleur cable adjuster on the frame, the Campagnolo adjuster (Fig. 1) must be fitted, which is included in the package of the Ultra – Shift command of the current range.

Do you need to loosen rear derailleur cable?

If you have a frame with internal cable runs, also ensu- re that there is no contact between the rear and front derailleur cables. If necessary, completely loosen the front derailleur cable, checking rear derailleur operation in these conditions. • Fit the chain on the max. sprocket and on the smallest front chainring. ATTENTION!