How do you bypass fem pop?

A femoropopliteal (fem-pop) bypass is surgery to change the flow of your blood so it goes around blocked blood vessels. To do this surgery, your doctor will use something called a graft. The graft can be a vein taken from another place in your leg. Or it can be a man-made blood vessel.

How is a fem fem bypass performed?

The healthcare provider accesses the femoral artery through a large incision in the upper leg. A vein taken from another area in your leg is attached above and below the blockage. This is called a graft.

How long does a fem pop bypass surgery take?

Femoral-Popliteal Bypass and Aorto-Bifemoral Bypass each take 2-4 hours.

How long is the recovery time after popliteal bypass surgery?

You will need to take it easy for 2 to 6 weeks at home. It may take 6 to 12 weeks to fully recover. You will need to have regular checkups with your doctor to make sure the graft is working. This care sheet gives you a general idea about how long it will take for you to recover.

What vein is used in fem pop?

What Is Femoral Popliteal Bypass Surgery? Femoral popliteal (also called femoropopliteal or Fem-Pop) bypass surgery is a procedure used to treat femoral artery disease. It is performed to bypass the blocked portion of main artery in the leg using a piece of another blood vessel.

How long after leg bypass Can you walk?

Your incision may be sore for several days. You should be able to walk farther now without needing to rest. Full recovery from surgery may take 6 to 8 weeks.

What is a fem pop?

Femoropopliteal (fem-pop) bypass surgery is used to bypass diseased blood vessels above or below the knee. To bypass the narrowed or blocked blood vessel, blood is redirected through either a healthy blood vessel that has been transplanted or a man-made graft material.

How much rest is needed after bypass surgery?

After coronary bypass surgery, a typical recovery at home is six weeks, though recovery can take anywhere from four to twelve weeks.