How do you fill out additional information on a job application?

How to list additional information on a resumeFill gaps in employment history. Add more to a limited experience resume. Demonstrate personal characteristics and qualities. Highlight qualifications required by an employer. Expand on work experience. Show additional relevant qualifications.

What do I put on a job application?

Job-Specific SkillsRead the Job Description.Research the Job. Even common job categories have different responsibilities, so do a bit of research into typical duties or responsibilities of the job you’re seeking. Ask the Employer. Customer Service. Time Management. Problem Solving. Project Management. Communication Skills.

How do I stand out on a job application?

How to make your job application stand outBe a recognisable name. Make your application easy to read. STAR technique. Take time to tailor it. Develop an online presence. Make good use of your hobbies and interests. Make sure you have perfect spelling and grammar.