How do you keep track of candidates?

However, the best way to track candidates is in a CRM system. Candidate relationship management systems automatically store any activity taken on a candidate and allow recruiters to digitally move candidate through the process using tools like workflow stages, folders, and cloud-based resume books.

How do you create a applicant tracking system in Excel?

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What is an applicant flow log?

An applicant flow log must be maintained by all federal contractors. It is a compilation of all required data necessary for administering an adverse impact analysis. It determines positions open during a reporting period, the applicant, and the candidate hired for the opening.

How can recruitment process be tracked?

Steps of the Recruitment ProcessHiring Need Identification. Before you can bring your hiring needs out into the open, you must figure out where the vacancy lies within your organization. Job Description Creation. Talent Attraction. Selection. Interview. Reference Checking. Background Checks and Screening. Offer Management.