How do you list a gap year on your resume?

Here is some key advice on how to approach mentioning your gap year on your resume.Create a Non-Chronological Resume.List Your Gap Year Under Experience.Include Your Gap Year in a Breakout Section of Your Resume.Do Highlight Gap Year Accomplishments Throughout Your Resume.

Where do you put your age on a resume?

If a prospective employer or a recruiter really wants to find the age of an applicant and the information is not immediately apparent, then they may actually spend more time looking through and reading the CV searching for clues. On balance, therefore, it is best not to include your date of birth or you age on a CV.

Should you include your date of birth on a resume?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away jobseekers used to include their birthdate, gender, marital status and sometimes even their religion on a resume. Don’t give the reader of your rsum an opportunity to make unfounded judgements about you based on your age. …