How do you measure for Edea skates?

You need to get the length of the foot in millimeters and then compare with the length of the boot. Measure the foot wearing the socks you use for skating. These socks should be thin in a microfiber or another smooth absorbent material to reduce friction in the shoe and ensure maximum sensitivity.

What size is Edea 245?

EDEA Rondo Boots

EURO Size US Mens Size EDEA Boot Size
37-37.5 5-5.5 245-250
38-39 6-7 255-260
40-40.5 7.5-8 265-270
41-42.5 8.5-9.5 275-285

What size is Edea 240?

Edea Skates Size Chart

Edea Skate Size Foot Length in Inches
225 8 3/4
230 8 3/4
235 9 1/4
240 9 1/4

Should you size up or down in ice skates?

If you’ve never shopped for a pair before, you might start out wondering, “What size ice skates should I buy?” As a general rule, you want to get a skate that is 1 to 1½ sizes smaller than your shoe size.

What size is Edea?

TAKE YOUR FOOT MEASUREMENT IN CM THEN ADD 1 CM TO GET YOUR BOOT SIZE. For instance if your measurements are 17cm, then you would want to get Edea Figure Skates in size 18.0 or 180. The Edea size charts take out the decimal, so instead of 18.0 cm, the boot size is 180.

Can you punch out EDEA skates?

The EDEA design allows us to pinch, punch, widen, and narrow without comprising the structure of the boot, and as long as it’s heated correctly, you can have it re-shaped as many times as you need!

Why are EDEA skates so popular?

EDEA is lighter than any other figure skating boot due to the new materials and technologies used in the Skates. Also with less weight in the skate as a whole, the skater can accelerate faster with their free leg in jumps such as the axel, double axel, or triple axel.

Can you punch out Edea skates?

Can you OverBoot in Edea?

In EDEA Skates you cannot “OverBoot” the skater because the basic design of not trying to bend the top part of the Skate forward, because all of the bending is done on the Tongue. The stiffness of the Tongue and the lacing of the top two (2) hooks controls how stiff the Skate feels.

How do I know what size skates to buy?

A proper fit for hockey skates should fit 1-1.5 sizes smaller than your street shoes. Your toes should barely touch the toe cap, while having no more than 1/4 inch of space in the heel. When you’re finished lacing up your skates, they should feel snug with the foot resting flat on the footbed.

How big are the blades on Edea skates?

The Actual Inch Measurement of the Bottom of the Sole of the Skating Boots, for Blade Sizing The Largest Blade Size that can be Mounted to EACH Size of EDEA Skates

How do you tell the size of Edea boots?

To ensure the right size shoes Edea indicates the size of its boots in millimeters. We’ve also made some suggestions about how to get the right size but remember there is no substitute for a professional fitting because each of us is unique.

What makes the Edea chorus ice skating boot so light?

The EDEA CHORUS is made with Revolutionary NEW Ultra Lightweight Materials, which means the CHORUS is about 25% to 45% lighter than comparable traditional “light” Skating Boots. The EDEA CHORUS carries that feel of a traditional Skate.

What’s the difference between the right and wrong size skates?

The right size means better performance and more comfort. The wrong size means less comfort, a reduction in performance and possible damage to your feet. To ensure the right size shoes Edea indicates the size of its boots in millimeters.