How do you present a company at a career fair?

Promoting your company at a Job Fair: How to do it the smart wayFind out who the target audience is and make sure it is the right one for your company.Location does matter. Announce in advance that you are exhibiting at a particular job fair. Inform jobseekers about available job positions. Try to catch the visitors’ eyes’ instantly.

What is the dress code for a job fair?

A business suit with pants or skirt is always appropriate, but a dress or skirt and blouse are sufficient in most situations. If you wear a skirt, do not wear it too short.

How do I succeed at a job fair?

How to Succeed at a Career FairDo your research. This is the #1 complaint from employers: candidates simply didn’t take the time to learn about the company and its opportunities in advance. Dress properly. What you wear is important. Be prepared to answer questions. Ask good questions. Be enthusiastic.

Should I bring a cover letter to a job fair?

You don’t need to bring your cover letter to a job fair. Job fairs are a place to meet recruiters and discuss employment opportunities that may be available at select companies. Cover letters must be customized to the specifics of a job advertisement. Instead, bring printed copies of your resume to a job fair.