How do you screen an effective resume?

Follow these steps for a foolproof way to screen out unqualified resumes, leaving you with the cream of the crop:Refer to the job description. Compare the applications to the checklist. Look past the resume format. Categorize each applicant. Select candidates to proceed to the next step. Don’t settle. Red flags.

How do you rank your resume?

How to Evaluate Resumes and CVsCreate a rating standard that you will use throughout the resume review.Avoid ranking candidates from best to least, 1 to n.Review the position description before reviewing applicant materials.Review the advertisement for the vacant position.Review the charge.

How do I know if my CV is good?

Is it tailored to the job role? Take a little time to compare your CV to the job you’re applying for. Is it brief and clear? Is it free of common CV mistakes? Are work history gaps and/or job-hopping explained? Have numbers and examples been used to illustrate your skills and competencies?