How do you write a loop in PL SQL?

PL/SQL For Loop Example 2

  3. BEGIN.
  4. VAR1:=10;
  5. FOR VAR2 IN 1..10.
  6. LOOP.
  8. END LOOP;

What is looping in PL SQL?

The LOOP statement executes a sequence of statements within a PL/SQL code block multiple times. WHILE statement (PL/SQL) The WHILE statement repeats a set of SQL statements as long as a specified expression is true. The condition is evaluated immediately before each entry into the loop body.

What is Do While loop in PL SQL with example?

Example of PL/SQL While Loop

  2. i INTEGER := 1;
  3. BEGIN.
  4. WHILE i <= 10 LOOP.
  6. i := i+1;
  7. END LOOP;
  8. END;

Can you loop in Oracle SQL?

So, while Oracle SQL does not directly support while loops of for loops, there is extended syntax for looping within some stored procedures that are embedded into Oracle SQL.

How many types of loop are there in PL SQL?

There are 4 types of PL/SQL Loops.

What are 3 types of loops in SQL?

Controlling Loop Iterations: LOOP and EXIT Statements. LOOP statements execute a sequence of statements multiple times. There are three forms of LOOP statements: LOOP , WHILE-LOOP , and FOR-LOOP . For a description of the syntax of the LOOP statement, see “LOOP Statements”.

How do you create a loop in SQL?

The Basic Syntax of a WHILE Loop

  1. –This variable keeps track of how many times the loop has run.
  2. DECLARE @Counter INT.
  3. SET @Counter = 0.
  4. –The loop begins by checking a condition is met.
  5. –Here we check that the counter has not exceeded 10.
  6. WHILE @Counter <= 10.
  7. –When the condition is met, the loop is entered.


SQL While loop: Understanding While loops in SQL Server SQL While loop syntax. The while loop in SQL begins with the WHILE keyword followed by the condition which returns a Boolean value i.e. A simple example: Printing numbers with SQL While loop. Inserting records with SQL While loop. Implementing paging with SQL While loop. The CONTINUE and BREAK statements.

What is a loop in SQL?

LOOP statement in SQL procedures. The LOOP statement is a special type of looping statement, because it has no terminating condition clause. It defines a series of statements that are executed repeatedly until another piece of logic, generally a transfer of control statement, forces the flow of control to jump to some point outside…

What is a loop in Oracle?

In Oracle PL/SQL, a LOOP is an iterative (repeating) control structure. Loops repeat a specified number of times based on one or more conditions. Inside the loop, one or more PL/SQL statements are evaluated and processed in the order they appear.