How does the screening process work?

Candidate screening is the process of reviewing job applications. This comes in right after candidate sourcing and involves skimming through resumes and cover letters to find the closest applicant-job-description matches keeping in mind qualifications, experience, skill sets, and projected candidate-organization fit.

How can I improve my resume screening software?

Here’s what can help recruiters do a better job of screening resumes:Build a clear, specific, and concise job description. Talk to the hiring manager. Look for red flags. Identify keyword stuffing. Introduce layers of testing into the resume screening process. Look beyond the minimum and preferred requirements.

What are the key things a hiring manager looks for?

Soft Skills Most Hiring Managers Look ForPersonable/likable. This is probably the most important of the soft skills in the workplace. Good communicator. Communication is the foundation of everything that gets done (or does not get done) at work. Clear thinker. Good judgment. Organized. Empathy. Confidence. Positive outlook.