How fast does a Cessna 172 fly?

302 km/h
Cessna 172/Top speed

How much fuel does a Cessna 182 burn per hour?


1959 Cessna 182B (Skylane) 2004 Cessna 182T (Skylane)
Fuel Capacity 65 gallons 92 gallons
Min. Octane Fuel 80 100
Avg. Fuel Burn at 75% power in standard conditions per hour About 14 gallons About 13 gallons
Weights and Capacities:

What is the fastest single-engine airplane?

Ovation Ultra
The Ovation Ultra is the fastest normally aspirated single-engine piston plane on the market right now. Mooney’s Ovation lineup has been around for more than 20 years, and the Ultra, or M20U, is the most recent evolution, released in 2016.

What does a 182 cruise at?

The Turbo 182 has a top speed of 168 knots and cruises at 158 knots at 75% power and 20,000 feet and 145 knots (167 mph) at 75% power and 10,000 feet.

How high can a c182 fly?


Maximum Cruise Speed 145 ktas (269 km/h)
Ground Roll 590 ft (180 m)
Service Ceiling 18,100 ft (5,517 m)
Maximum Climb Rate 924 fpm (282 mpm)
Maximum Limit Speed 175 kias (324 km/h)

What’s the difference between a 172 and 182?

The main difference between the 172 and the 182 is that you do not have a control for a variable pitch propeller. In the center console, you will see that there is only a throttle and a mixture for adjustment. Other than that, the two are nearly similar in size and shape. The Cessna 172 is the smaller one of the two.

What’s the maximum speed of a Cessna 182 Skylane?

Performance Maximum speed: 150 kn (170 mph, 280 km/h) Cruise speed: 145 kn (167 mph, 269 km/h) Stall speed: 49 kn (56 mph, 91 km/h) Never exceed speed: 175 kn (201 mph, 324 km/h) Range: 930 nmi (1,070 mi, 1,720 km) Service ceiling: 18,100 ft (5,500 m) Rate of climb: 924 ft/min (4.69 m/s)

What is the cruise speed of a Cessna t182t?

This condition was arranged by Cessna engineers for their new single-engine models, and it creates a nice rule of thumb for easy cruise power setting. At 75-percent power, the T182T indicated 137 knots, burning 18 gallons an hour. At 10,500 feet on the day we flew, this translated into a true airspeed of 162 knots.

When did the first Cessna 182 come out?

Introduced in 1956, the 182 has been produced in a number of variants, including a version with retractable landing gear, and is the second most popular Cessna model still in production, after the 172 . The Cessna 182 was introduced in 1956 as a tricycle gear variant of the 180.

Are there any airplanes that cruise at 200 mph?

Within the traditional general aviation fleet, however, there are actually only a few airplanes that can honestly claim to cruise 200 mph. These include later Bonanzas, a few Bellanca Vikings, the old Meyers 200D, the Mooney 200 series, some Cessna Centurions and some specialty birds, like the Siai-Marchetti SF-260.