How many albums did The Velvet Underground put out?

The discography of the American rock band The Velvet Underground consists of five studio albums, six live albums, 14 compilation albums, six box sets and eleven singles.

What goes on Velvet Underground album?

Boston Tea Party (Live)
What Goes On/Album

What is the third Velvet Underground album?

The Velvet Underground is the third album by American rock band the Velvet Underground. Released in March 1969, it was their first record with Doug Yule, who was a replacement for John Cale….The Velvet Underground (album)

The Velvet Underground
Recorded November–December 1968
Studio T.T.G., Hollywood, California
Genre Folk rock rock pop
Length 43:53

What is under the banana sticker?

The Velvet Underground & Nico is now widely recognized as one of the greatest and most influential albums in the history of popular music. The original album cover allowed fans to peel back the banana skin as a sticker, revealing the fruit of a nude-colored banana underneath.

Why is The Velvet Underground popular?

Recorded in 1966 but not released until the following year, The Velvet Underground and Nico was one of rock’s most important debuts, a pioneering work that applied the disruptive aesthetics of avant-garde music and free jazz (drones, distortion, atonal feedback) to rock guitar.

Are the Velvet Underground good?

The Velvet Underground are unquestionably the most overrated band in rock history, unless the Sex Pistols count. Yes, they influenced everyone from Yo La Tengo to Vaclav Havel, but so did the Doors and a lot of other ’60s bands – most of whom don’t put me to sleep like the Velvet Underground do too often.

Which Velvet Underground album was the earliest?

The Velvet Underground & Nico
The Velvet Underground/First album

Their debut album, The Velvet Underground & Nico (with German singer and model Nico), was released in 1967 to critical indifference and poor sales but has since drawn wide acclaim.

What was the first Velvet Underground album?

Who is more influential the Beatles or the Velvet Underground?

The Beatles were heard by more people than the Velvet Underground by a factor of 100s, or even 1000s so of course they were more influential. On the other hand, everyone who ever saw The Velvet Underground perform went out and started a band the next day.