How many episodes is the war in Naruto Shippuden?

It spans through volumes 55 to 59, or more specifically, covers chapters 516 to 559 of the manga and episodes 261 to 270, and also picks from 272 to 289 of the Naruto: Shippden anime and later picks up from episodes 296 to 310, and 312 to 321.

How long does the 4th Shinobi war last?

two day

Who wins the Fourth Great Ninja War?

4 Winner: Kakashi Hatake Kakashi showed how skilled he truly was in this war and even fought against Kaguya Otsutsuki towards the end. The Fourth Great Ninja War was quite hard on him, especially since Obito was revealed to be the perpetrator, however, he stuck to his shinobi code and succeeded, at the end of the day.

What happens after Fourth Shinobi War?

Following the events of the Fourth Shinobi World War, the allied shinobi nations took a step to strengthen their bonds. They formed the Shinobi Union, which is almost an equivalent of the real world United Nations.

Who is the 8th Hokage?

Sasuke Uchiha

Who kills Madara?

Black Zetsu

Can Naruto beat Itachi?

9 STRONGER THAN ITACHI: Naruto Uzumaki Naruto was powerful enough to fight Obito Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Otsutsuki, and then Sasuke Uchiha all in one day. As such, there’s no way for Itachi to be stronger than him. His abilities, when combined with his undying spirit, make him a force to be reckoned with.

What was Itachi’s sickness?

Originally Answered: What was Itachi suffering from? Itachi was actually suffering from a respiratory disease which he was diagnosed with sometime after he joined the Anbu. Even though he continued to train and master his sharingan and genjutsu, this sickness limited his physical prowess and stamina.

Who killed Itachi’s girlfriend?

Izumi was killed by none other than Itachi Uchiha. Itachi started with Izumi and her mother at the start of the massacre to cause less heartache for him. He put her in a tsukyomi where she lived the entirety of her life, growing old with Itachi, in a fraction of a second, before her death.

Who was Itachi’s lover?


What is Itachi’s IQ?

I’d say Kabuto’s would be somewhere over 185, whereas Itachi I’d place his IQ at about 150, highly intelligent(130 being borderline genius), but not really a supergenius. Above Deidara but below Kakashi.

What is Naruto’s IQ?

Naruto’s IQ is probably a little below average considering IQ tests “conventional” intelligence. He always struggled with academia, and was never the slightest bit booksmart. With an average being around 90–100, I would say Naruto is about an 88.

What is Sasuke IQ?

Uchiha Sasuke= 130~

Who has the lowest IQ in Naruto?

The Least Intelligent Characters of Naruto FranchiseHidan. Hidan is a crazy dude. Fourth Raikage. He is the worst speedster ı ever seen. Rock Lee. He is cool, respectfull and enthusiastic but thats all. Seven Swordsman of the Mist. Most of them.Jugo. When he was calm he is ok (still not something good) . Kisame Hoshigaki. Choji Akimichi. Fourth Kazekage.

Who is the youngest Hokage?


What is Goku’s IQ?

Goku: 76, even though you might think his IQ could be even lower sometimes, he often proves he can do some smart things too, especially while fighting and especially during DBZ.

Who is the weakest Hokage?

All of the other Hokages are Master of one specific area and are good at others but Kakashi is just good at all of the areas. He is the Jack of all the trades and master of none. So, there you go the Weakest Hokage of the Leaf Kakashi.

Who is the smartest Hokage?

Tobirama Senju