How many GXP Maloo utes were made?

350 utes
HSV says the GXP program is a limited production run of 400 sedans and 350 utes, which is not an insignificant number given HSV sold only 2870 cars last year….Limited-edition ‘Pontiac’ GXP gets buyers into an HSV sedan for $62K driveaway.

2010 HSV GXP range pricing:
Clubsport GXP (a) $63,990
Maloo GXP $55,990

How much is a HSV Maloo R8?

The HSV Maloo is available from $37,300 to $67,870 for the 2017 Ute across a range of models….HSV Maloo Pricing and Specs.

Year Price From Price To
2017 $37,300 $67,870
2016 $33,100 $59,070
2015 $29,000 $55,330
2014 $26,500 $47,080

How many VF R8 Maloo were made?

Just four of these W1 Maloo vehicles were ever made, and were never made public. The special run of vehicles were reportedly only made for HSV VIPs.

How many VE Clubsport R8 were made?

HSV VE Models & Build Numbers

Year Launched Model Number Produced
2006 VE GTS 3217
2006 VE GTS 40th ann 100
2006 VE Clubsport R8 4016
2006 VE Clubsport R8 Tourer 248

What is a GXP ClubSport?

The ClubSport GXP gets a unique rear bumper on the sedan with a blacked-out diffuser into which the quad exhausts are set. The ute follows a less is more treatment with the rear end and looks similar to an SS ute. Instead of the Maloo hardcover tonneau, the GXP ute opts for a soft-cover. Drivetrain.

How many Pontiac G8 GXP were built?

Just 1,829 units of the GXP were built. After Pontiac’s demise, we never got to see the G8’s full potential. Enthusiasts dreamed that GM would have the courage to import the wagon or ute versions of the Commodore, either as Pontiac or Chevrolet models.

What’s the rarest Holden?

Top Rare Holden Cars

  • 1953 FJ SPECIAL.
  • 1957 FE Special Station Wagon.
  • 1962 EJ PREMIER.
  • 1968 HK MONARO GTS 327.
  • 1970 LC TORANA GTR XU-1.
  • 1971 HQ MONARO GTS 350 COUPE.
  • 1977 TORANA A9X HATCH.

Which is the fastest HSV?

Holden Special Vehicles GTS-R W1
The Holden Special Vehicles GTS-R W1 is not just any Commodore. It is the fastest, most powerful and — with an RRP of $170,000 — it’s also the most expensive locally-made car to ever be sold in showrooms in Australia.

Which is better R8 or GTS?

I don’t the VE GTS has more power than any GTS before it, has more equipment, bigger brakes, better suspension, bigger wheels, wider tyres it is not only miles ahead of a VZ R8, it’s miles ahead of any previous GTS.

What does GxP stand for?

generic good practice
GxP is an abbreviation for generic good practice, which refers to the series of laws, regulations, and guidance that govern various areas of the research, development, testing, manufacturing, and distribution of medicines. Examples of GxP include: GLP – Good Laboratory Practice. GCP – Good Clinical Practice.

What is the price of a Maloo GXP?

Instead of the Maloo hardcover tonneau, the GXP ute opts for a soft-cover. The 6.2-litre V8 is already a well proven beast in the ClubSport and this engine is the one and only choice here. Both models will debut with driveaway pricing of $61,990 for the ClubSport GXP sedan manual and $55,990 for the Maloo GXP manual ute.

When did the HSV Maloo R8 Ute come out?

THE STORYAt the time it was released, the Maloo R8 ute was the sole two-door car in the HSV catalogue since the VE Commodore became the donor vehicle back in 2007. Released as part of HSV’s 25th anniversary celebrations, these cars sport a LS3 6.2 litre V8 engine with…

How much power does a Maloo R8 LSA have?

Supercharged LSA Engine The Maloo R8 LSA features a 6.2 litre Supercharged LSA engine which now boasts a massive 410kW of power and 691Nm of torque (DIN). With all this power comes the need for massive amounts of air cooling.

What’s the difference between HSV GXP and Clubsport R8?

You might get close to $10,000 in change from the price of a Clubsport R8, but HSV certainly hasn’t scrimped in the engine department. The GXP gets exactly the same 317kW 6.2-litre V8 as the Clubby, so performance should be identical. Indeed, it would have cost HSV money to trim power slightly.