How many SIM card slots does the note 3 have?


Body Dimensions 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm (5.95 x 3.12 x 0.33 in)
Weight 168 g (5.93 oz)
Build Glass front (Gorilla Glass 3), plastic back, plastic frame

Does Samsung Note 3 have SD card slot?

Samsung Galaxy Note3 (SM-N900) is quite unique as it has distinct position for SIM and Memory Card slots . NOTE: It is mandatory to remove the battery in order to insert SIM and Memory Card slots . Not doing so can cause damage to card and the device.

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 3G or 4G?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Full Specifications

Wi-Fi Yes
SIM Type Micro-SIM
3G Yes
4G/ LTE Yes

Is there a SIM card in the Samsung Note 3?

Depending on your Galaxy device, it may be able to take SIM cards and memory cards. Find out more about what cards your device accepts. The location of the SIM and memory card slots will change depending on your model but can be easily located by carefully looking at the sides of your device.

How to add a SIM card to an Android phone?

1 Remove the back cover. 2 Remove the battery. 3 Insert the SIM card into the SIM slot with the gold contacts facing down. The SIM slot is marked with the icon. 4 Insert the battery, ensuring the contacts on the battery match the prongs on the inside of the device.

How to insert the nano SIM and microSD card Samsung Galaxy?

Inserting a Nano SIM and microSD card is really no sweat. Power off your phone and then insert the ejector tool that came with your phone into the hole on the SIM/microSD card tray. Next, you will want to push the tool until the tray pops out.

How to insert two SIM cards into a Galaxy S4?

2 Take a look at the tray. The image below shows a dual SIM tray where you can use either two SIMs, or a single SIM and a memory (SD) card Your SIM tray may differ depending on your model, but you will be able see where each card goes by looking at the markings and symbols on the tray. Not all devices allow for two SIMs, or a memory card.