How many tenors does the male voice choir have?

There are two groups of tenors, known as the Top Tenors and Second Tenors, and two groups of basses, known as the First Bass and Bottom Bass (or sometimes Baritone and Second Bass). The Top Tenors sing the highest part and usually lead the melody.

Are choirs allowed to sing in Wales?

Singing, congregational singing and the playing of instruments are permitted in a place of worship. However, please see below for important information about mitigations and the need for a risk assessment.

When did David join the Welsh male choir?

David joined the Melbourne Welsh Male Choir in 2013, having returned to singing in 2009 after a short break of 47 years. He found his voice again with the 250-strong Sing Australia (Hawthorn) choir, and then with the Open Door Community Singers, before joining the Melbourne Welsh.

Where can I buy tickets for Melbourne Welsh male choir?

Secure on-line booking is often available for our concerts (try this first), however, where a concert or event is organised by a third party tickets must be purchased through them. Click on the event you’re interested in below for the contact details, otherwise contact our ticket secretary by [email protected]

What kind of music does Welsh choir sing?

Consequently recent concerts have included Welsh, English, South African, Italian, Latin, Maori, Aboriginal and German songs. Many of our performances feature experienced and talented professional guest artists and each year we organise and run the Singer of the Year competition for promising young singers.

Who is musical director of Frankston Ladies Choir?

Since arriving in Australia, Simon has been Musical Director of the Frankston Ladies’ Choir, accompanied the Melbourne Welsh Male Choir, done a saucy cabaret with international artiste Isabel Hertaeg, and played in various functions and event gigs with a multitude of bands.