How many versions of Survivor are there?

As of May 2020, the flagship American version of Survivor has aired 40 seasons of the show since its launch in 2000; the 40th, and most recent, being an all-winners edition, which aired in early 2020.

Are there international versions of Survivor?

RHAP covers international seasons of Survivor, particularly the Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa versions. For Australia, Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach originally did the coverage, but that got passed off to former Australian Survivor contestant Nick Iadanza.

How many countries have their own version of Survivor?

Survivor, popular reality television game show whose format has been adapted and produced in more than 25 countries since the late 1990s, becoming a huge hit on American television after its debut on CBS in 2000.

Do Survivor contestants get tampons?

As always, the cast members do receive essential items such as tampons and condoms, and he said that birth control comes into play soon, as there are “love affairs this season, plural,” including “some of the most intimate footage we’ve ever had.”

How many days do you stay on Survivor?

At 42 days long, Survivor: The Australian Outback (Season 2) is the only season of the show to go longer than the now-standard 39 days. Watch Survivor on CBS and CBS All Access.

Do Survivor contestants get food?

Contestants can forage for food. While competing in the show, the contestants are only given a supply of small sacks of food, like rice and beans. If that isn’t enough, they can supplement their food supply by foraging in the wilderness. Everything they eat has to be approved.

Can you take medication on Survivor?

Yes and no. They have access to a container with necessary supplies, such as feminine products, birth control, vital medications, contact lens solution, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Otherwise, they’re on their own.

What is the age limit for Survivor?

What is the minimum age requirement? Applicants must be 16 years or older to apply. Do I need to be either a US Citizen or a Canadian Citizen? YES.

Is there an international version of Survivor TV show?

International Survivor coverage began with the third season of Australian Survivor, which returned to airwaves after ten years. During the season, Rob and Stephen Fishbach did a weekly wrap-up show a la Survivor Know-it-Alls. However, the content was migrated after the premiere to Reality TV RHAP-Ups.

What was the format of the first season of Survivor?

The first U.S. season of Survivor followed the same general format as the Swedish series. Sixteen or more players, split between two or more “tribes”, are taken to a remote isolated location (usually in a tropical climate) and are forced to live off the land with meager supplies for 39 days (42 in The Australian Outback).

Which is the best season of Survivor to watch?

1 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 2 Survivor: Nicaragua 3 Survivor: Redemption Island 4 Survivor: South Pacific 5 Survivor: One World 6 Survivor: Philippines 7 Survivor: Caramoan 8 Survivor: Blood vs. Water 9 Survivor: Cagayan 10 Survivor: San Juan del Sur

How many people have been on Survivor over the years?

By season 22, the crew had grown to 325 people. A total of 590 contestants have competed on Survivor’ s 40 seasons. Two tribes of ten new players. Past winners Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine feature as non-playing mentors Two tribes of ten winners of past Survivor seasons. ^ The final vote was initially tied for Holland and Abbate.