How much do stanisci hoods cost?

Stanisci uses primarily cherry and maple with a variety of carving designs and several ventilation options. With these wood range hoods, your kitchen will never look the same. Wood-metal range hoods are also available. The prices depend on the hood model and style starting at around $1,400.

What brand of range hood is best?

Here are our picks for the Best Range Hoods.

  • Chef PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood – Best to Buy in 2021.
  • FOTILE JQG7501 30-Inch Range Hood – Best High-End Hood.
  • Z Line KB Wall Mount Range Hood – Best Wall Mount Hood.
  • Broan Non-Ducted Hood 41000 Series – Best Ductless Range Hood.

What is a Woodhood?

Wood range hoods provide an elegant focal point to your space. They illuminate your cooktop and ventilate the air of grease, odor and moisture. Our wood hoods come in cabinet-mount or wall-mount style, both of which require a ventilation insert.

Are expensive range hoods worth it?

It is worth it in the long run to buy a more expensive, higher quality hood. You won’t have to spend as much extra money on replacement parts down the line. Not to mention that a low quality hood could break down after a few years. Then you’ll have to buy a new hood – and that won’t be friendly to your wallet.

Can a range hood be made of wood?

The best type of wood to use in a wood range hood include cherry, red oak, and hard maple. When subjected to the right finish, they feature a classy look and serve to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entire kitchen. Zinc and stainless steel are some of the popular materials used when it comes to metal range hoods.

What kind of Hood does Stanisci design make?

Each Stanisci Design wood hood is handmade by quality craftsman with premium woods and built with pride in the USA. Stanisci Design builds to order and can modify one of their standard hoods to your specification or can build a custom creation based on your drawing.

Can a wood Hood be used for ventilation?

Wood range hoods can be purchased with a wide array of carvings, and ventilation options. Our goal is to provide you with a complete wood range solution. Our unique designs are designed for our ventilation options. This ensures that the fit is perfect and that no aftermarket metal fabrication needs to be done.

Which is the best brand for range hoods?

We take great pride in the quality and engineering of our products, only the best quality raw materials are used. Stanisci Design manufacturers high quality American made custom range hoods and arched valances for kitchen professionals throughout the US and Canada.

What kind of Hood do I need for my Stove?

When you’re building your dream kitchen, the stove hood is a big part of the equation. You want a stylish hood that is beautiful, durable, functional and easy to use. Each Stanisci Design wood hood is handmade by quality craftsman with premium woods and built with pride in the USA.