How much does a coordinator make in NYC?

Workplace Coordinator Salary in New York City, NY

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $110,234 $9,186
75th Percentile $80,071 $6,672
Average $62,799 $5,233
25th Percentile $48,262 $4,021

What does a program Coordinator do?

Program Coordinator Duties & Responsibilities Assist with planning and coordination of programs and their activities. Monitor implementation of program policies and practices. Work to keep programs on schedule, within stated budgets and functioning smoothly. Support program growth and development as necessary.

Does Microsoft have a New York office?

Just west of the lights and action of Times Square in New York City, the Microsoft Technology Center is home to nearly 1,000 employees and receives over 63,000 customers and guests a year.

How much do project coordinators make in New York?

The average salary for a Project Coordinator in New York is $70,217. The average additional cash compensation for a Project Coordinator in New York is $14,365. The average total compensation for a Project Coordinator in New York is $84,582.

How much does a program coordinator for a nonprofit make?

The base salary for Program Coordinator (Non-Profit) ranges from $56,655 to $74,993 with the average base salary of $64,804. The total cash compensation, which includes base, and annual incentives, can vary anywhere from $57,199 to $75,003 with the average total cash compensation of $65,005.

Who is the CEO of Microsoft?

Satya Nadella (Feb 4, 2014–)
Microsoft Corporation/CEO

Where is Microsoft Office installed Windows 10?

Choose Start, type the name of the application, like Word or Excel, in the Search programs and files box. In the search results, click the application to start it. Choose Start > All Programs to see a list of all your applications. You might need to scroll down to see the Microsoft Office group.

What is the difference between project manager and project coordinator?

Project Coordinator Job Description Project coordinators may work under a project manager to help with administrative tasks on a specific project. While project managers oversee the process from planning to completion, the project coordinator’s role is more focused on executing specific stages of a plan.

How to find a job in New York City?

Current Job Opportunities 1 Go to the “Agency” drop down list and select New York City Housing Authority 2 Click “Search” More

Who is the NYCHA employee reasonable accommodation coordinator?

The NYCHA Employee Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator can provide assistance to qualified job applicants and employees with disabilities who seek a reasonable accommodation by calling (212) 306-3996. Reasonable Accommodations for Employees and Job Applicants.

How to filter job opportunities in New York City?

You may filter opportunities by type, location, and deadline by using the check boxes.

How does the City of New York work?

Through collective bargaining agreements, the City of New York and Municipal Unions have cooperated in choosing health plans and designing the benefits for the City’s employees. Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of applicable contracts and laws, NYCHA offers the following: