How much does it cost to rent a boat at Eagle Mountain Lake?

It’s an affordable way to beat the heat near Fort Worth, with boat rentals costing between $100 to $175/hour on Eagle Mountain Lake. Planning an event in Fort Worth and want a unique venue? Rent or charter a boat for the perfect special day.

Can you kayak on Eagle Mountain Lake?

The lake was created by damming the West Fork of the Trinity River and sits below Lake Bridgeport and above Lake Worth (Texas). Eagle Mountain Lake is used for boating and fishing and also water sports such as wake boarding, water skiing, and kayaking.

Is there alligators in Eagle Mountain Lake?

Alligators have been seen at Lake Worth and Eagle Mountain Lake. Status: Alligators were once an endangered species but they are now a protected game animal in Texas.

Can you swim in Eagle Mountain Lake?

Shady Grove Park is the best recreational park on Eagle Mountain Lake. The park also has two very nice softball fields (available to rent) and a tennis court. There is also a beach area with public swimming.

Is Eagle Mountain Lake Open?

Open seven days a week from dawn until 30 minutes after sunset.

Is Eagle Mountain Lake a constant level lake?

The Eagle Mountain Pipeline has been running continuously since September 19th and the Lake level has stabilized at -10.5 feet low.

Is Eagle Mountain Lake Safe?

Safety Level: lakes with lots of wild and crazy jet skiers or fast cigarette boats will score low.

Is Eagle Mountain Lake a good lake?

Eagle Mountain Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in north Texas spanning 8,694 acres. This recreational lake is great for fishing, skiing, wakeboarding, relaxing, and recreational boating. Located just 15 miles north of downtown Fort Worth, this lake offers some of the best lake living near the city.

Are there really alligators in Lake Worth?

Alligators are native to the Trinity River watershed or region, according to the City of Fort Worth. They’ve been spotted at Lake Worth and Eagle Mountain Lake.

Are there alligators in Dallas Texas lakes?

Where do Alligators live? Alligators are native to the North Texas area and live in various freshwater lakes and rivers, including Lake Worth, Eagle Mountain Lake and the Trinity River.

Are there snakes in Eagle Mountain Lake?

We cannot say enough about this park. It is one of the best hiking trails in north Texas. Note: This is a rural park so you need to be wary of snakes and other varmints.