How much is a 2002 DRZ400 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $5,449 $1,325
Options (Change)
Total Price $5,449 $1,325

How much horsepower does a drz400e have?

178 jet to crisp it right up. Now you have around 40 horsepower at the rear wheel. Some 5 more horsepower than the current model DR650! A number of sand drags were held with 2 x DR400 and 1 x YZ400.

How fast can a DRZ 400 go?

Suzuki DR-Z400

Manufacturer Suzuki
Class dual-sport
Engine 398 cc (24.3 cu in) 4-stroke single
Bore / stroke 90.0 mm × 62.6 mm (3.54 in × 2.46 in)
Top speed 94 mph (151 km/h)

How heavy is a drz400e?

The kick start DR-Z400 has a claimed dry weight of 249 pounds, while the DR-Z400E weighs in at 262.3 pounds. The dual sport (the “S” model) weighs in at 291 pounds dry. The two lighter models have very trick componentry (some of which is shared with the heavier dual sport, but not all).

Are Drz400sm reliable?

For new and experienced riders alike, Suzuki’s DRZ-400SM is the go-to recommendation whenever someone wants a reliable, no-nonsense, easy riding SuperMoto that is as capable off-road as it is on.

What does Drz stand for?


Acronym Definition
DRZ Diagonal Radioactive Zone
DRZ DePrince, Race & Zollo, Inc. (asset management company)
DRZ Disturbed Rock Zone
DRZ Deutsche Rechts Zeitschrift (German: German Law Journal)

What does the Z stand for in Drz?

Posted August 8, 2006. DRZ = Daily Riding Zero – a direct descendent of the WWII Japanese divebombing airplane that they turned into a commuter bike.

Where can I buy a 2002 Suzuki DRZ 400?

2002 Suzuki Dr-Z400s, This 2002 Suzuki DR-Z400S has only 4600 miles on it! This DRZ-400 is really the best of all worlds and the ultimate “all-rounder.” Don’t miss out on getting one for a great deal! Perfect in town or over the range bike. Long range fuel tank. Street legal! Located at Hall’s Motorsports Emerald Coast

How many miles does a DRZ 400 SM have?

2013 Suzuki DRZ 400 SM, 3650 miles. Have title in hand, ready to sell. Never ridden off road or in the rain. The only way this bike could be in newer shape is if it were still in a showroom. All stock, never abused, garage kept, new rear Dunlop tire.

How much is a 2016 Suzuki DR Z400?

Lowball offers will be ignored. BRAND NEWSUZUKI DR-Z400S DUAL SPORTBUY IT NOW $5849.00 Email – [email protected] TOLL FREE – 866-392-4531 WE SPECIALIZE IN HIGH VOLUME AND MULTI UNIT SALES The 2016 DR-Z400S is ideal for taking a ride down your favorite off-road trail.

How many miles does a DRZ dual sport bike have?

Great dual sport bike with only 2200 miles, newer tires, hi Intensity dual lights to light the night road. Time to get out and ride. Email me for more… Virtually new Suzuki DRZ Dual Sport purchased but not ridden.