How much is a channel 38 licence?

UHF (Channel 38) £85.00 for one year and £155.00 for two years. If users decide to purchase this type of licence there is a discount for purchasing direct from our website: £75.00 for one year and £135.00 for two years.

Do I need a licence for my wireless microphone?

Frequencies dedicated for radio microphones, known as Shared, are available across the UK. A licence, which must be purchased from PMSE Licensing, is required to operate radio microphones on these frequencies. There are VHF Shared frequencies and also UHF (Channel 38) Shared frequencies.

Is Channel 70 Licence free?

Channel 70 does not require a license currently but it is more prone to interference as it has a smaller bandwidth and is the most common used frequency band as it is free to use for anyone, due to this many cheaper manufactuers naturally sell more Channel 70 systems than Channel 38 systems.

What does Pmse stand for?


Acronym Definition
PMSE Programme-Making and Special Events (UK frequency spectrum)
PMSE Professional Master of Structural Engineering (University of Delft; Netherlands)
PMSE Programme Making & Special Events (UK Office of Communications)
PMSE Panasonic Mobile & System Engineering

What RF frequencies are illegal?

Prohibition on use of the 700 MHz band In 2010, the FCC prohibited the use of wireless mics and devices on unused broadcast channels on the 600 MHz service band and on the 700 MHz band – specifically the frequencies between 698 and 806 MHz.

Where can I find Shure frequencies in UK?

Current availability of UK TV channels for use by wireless microphones and IEMs. Here you can find frequency lists for Shure wireless and in-Ear-monitoring systems in the form of Excel tables.

Who is the Shure UK senior applications engineer?

Shure UK Senior Applications Engineer, Tom Colman explores rechargeable battery options for wireless microphones - moving from standard disposable … Shure UK Project Engineer, Stuart Stephens explores digital wireless latency and what causes latency in a digital wireless system.

Where can I get Free Shure wireless training?

Visit one of our free Shure Audio Institute seminars for an in-depth look in RF technology and hands-on training with leading Shure wireless products. For professional productions that demand flawless execution, Axient® Digital offers unprecedented signal stability and audio clarity, plus flexible…

What are the different types of Shure microphones?

Axient Country Frequency Band / Range Australia H4E (518-578 MHz) J5E (578-638 MHz) L3E China G7C (470-510 MHz) L3E (638-698 MHz) M8 ( Hong Kong G12 (479-530 MHz) H12 (518-565 MHz) India L3 (638-698 MHz)