How to search for an FAA airport diagram?

The fields below comprise a list of search parameters for searching the FAA Diagrams site. Please enter your search criteria and then click on Search. Click the airport diagram image to view the Runway Safety Hot Spots list.

What does FBO stand for in airport diagram?

FBO ramp—A ramp area administered by the FBO or other commercial entity where operators can park their aircraft. No individual commercial names should appear on the government diagrams. General aviation ramp—A ramp area that defines an area of permanent parking for resident general aviation aircraft, i.e., tiedown area.

Where is the airport diagram in IFR TPP?

The diagram is located in the IFR TPP booklet following the instrument approach chart for a particular airport. It is a full page depiction of the airport that includes the same features of the airport sketch plus additional details, such as taxiway identiiers,

Where do you find airport sketches and diagrams?

Airport sketches and diagrams provide pilots of all levels with graphical depictions of the airport layout. Aeronautical Information Services, formerly known as Aeronautical Products (AeroNav), provide an airport sketch on the lower left or right portion of every instrument approach chart.

Where is Kase airport in Aspen, CO?

Aspen-Pitkin County Airport (Aspen, CO) [KASE/ASE] information, location, approach plates. Aspen-Pitkin County Airport (Aspen, CO) [KASE/ASE] information, location, approach plates. Your browser will no longer be supported after 30-Apr-2020. upgrade your browser This website uses cookies.

How tall is Kase Aspen Pitkin County Airport?

Location FAA Identifier: ASE Lat/Long: 39-13-18.8000N 106-52-05.6000W 39-13.313333N 106-52.093333W 39.2218889,-106.8682222 (estimated) Elevation: 7837.9 ft. / 2389.0 m (surveyed) Variation: 09E (2015) From city: 3 miles NW of ASPEN, CO Time zone: UTC -7 (UTC -6 during Daylight Saving Time) Zip code: 81611 Airport Operations Airport use:

Which is the highest altitude airport in China?

For example, they have sliced the top off a mountain to build Pan Zhi Hua (ZUZH/PZI), shown in the photo above. They have the highest altitude airport, Daocheng Yading (ZUDC/DCY) at 14,469ft, shown in the photograph to the left.

What is the ICAO code for an airfield?

The ICAO column uses codes chosen according to the following order of preference: (a) the official ICAO code if it exists; (b) Honeywell EGPWS database code; (c) Airfield charts database code. The IATA column code will only show the official code if it exists, otherwise it will be left blank.

How can I find the altitude of an airport on Google Earth?

The table can be sorted by Airport Name, ICAO code, IATA Code, Elevation, LDA1/2, Latitude or Longitude by clicking on the respective column heading. Clicking on the ICAO code link will open up the location in Google Earth.