Is Bombardier Q400 a jet?

A turboprop aircraft designed for shorter distance flights, the Bombardier Q400 features 76 comfortable seats and boarding doors in both the front and rear of the plane for faster passenger loading and deplaning.

Is the Bombardier Q400 pressurized?

Pressurized and comfortable stand-up cabin. A flight attendant will be on-board to assist with passenger comfort.

How much does a Q400 cost?

Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned BOMBARDIER Q400 is $12,500,000.00. A $6,250,000.00 loan over 120 months including $26041.67 per month in interest equates to a $313,398.22 per-period payment.

How high can ATR 72 fly?

The ATR-72 can cruise at a maximum speed of 518km/h. The range and a service ceiling of the aircraft are 1,500km and 7,620m respectively. The aircraft weighs around 12,950kg and its maximum take-off weight is 22,500kg.

What are the best seats on a Bombardier Q400?

always have a seat before 7th and row, after 7th the view from the window is blocked and you will get some engine noise, from 1st to 7th rows any row is the best, i flew in spice jet Q400, overall is ood but after 7th row it is bit noisy very minute.

What does the Q stand for in Q400?

The “Q” in the name of the jet stands for “quite.” The Dash 8 was previously designed by de Havilland Canada. Its first flight was on June 20, 1983 and the airliner entered service in 1984. 9, 2007, decided to terminate the service of 27, Q400 aircraft in itsfleet.

Are prop planes safer than jets?

Both turboprops and jets are powered by turbine engines, so they are essentially the same thing and thus, are considered to be equally as safe. Because of the drag propellers cause, they actually allow the aircraft to stop much more quickly than a jet.

Can a Q400 be flown in the dark?

Cockpit lighting as well allows you to still see everything and enjoy flying in the dark. Hear what the real Q400 sounds like. We have recorded real world Q400 sounds, including cockpit call-outs. The sounds alone add so much to the experience.

Are there real world sounds on the Q400?

We have recorded real world Q400 sounds, including cockpit call-outs. The sounds alone add so much to the experience. We use plugins to add more systems and features that would otherwise be impossible to be implemented if left to use the default X-Plane logic.

How many liveries are in flyjsim Q400 legacy?

See the Center of Gravity change as you load the aircraft differently and burn fuel in flight. The package comes with 12+ liveries. Many more available online at