Is Hidersine rosin good?

I’ve used it and found it to be a good rosin and a nice value, although somewhat unremarkable. Good quality and basic. I wouldn’t call Hidersine “student grade” rosin. Its a well regarded brand that’s been around for a long time, although it seems to have fallen in popularity in recent years for some reason.

Is dark or light rosin better for cello?

Dark rosin is softer and is usually too sticky for hot and humid weather—it is better suited to cool, dry climates. Since light rosin is harder and not as sticky as its darker counterpart, it is also preferable for the higher strings.

Does cello rosin go bad?

While there isn’t an expiration date on most boxes of rosin, there are a few ways to tell if your violin rosin has gone bad. If it remains shiny and free of dust, you are unfortunately working with old rosin. Generally, a block of rosin will last for anywhere between six months and two years.

Is there a difference between cello and bass rosin?

Violinists and violists tend to use a harder rosin while cellists use a medium sticky rosin, and bassists use an even stickier rosin. As time goes on and your skills improve, start experimenting and you’ll begin to hear and feel the differences that a specific rosin can do for you. How do I rosin my bow?

What rosin do professionals use?

Pirastro Goldflex Rosin is a luxury rosin used by professionals that features tiny flecks of gold inside the rosin. The purpose of the gold is to allow for an extra smooth grip and a warm and bright tone and is available for violin, viola, and cello.

How do I choose a cello rosin?

What to Consider When Buying Cello Resin. The most important factors to think about are the rosin’s form, color, and texture. Cellos require a different type of rosin than other instruments, so look for products specifically designed for cellists. Form: Rosins come in cake or box form, each with their own pros and cons …

Is it OK to use violin rosin on cello?

Use rosin made for cellos Typically, violin rosin is lighter in color, and harder (less sticky) in texture – offering just enough friction for its designated instrument. An exception to this rule is Magic Rosin, an extra special rosin that is completely clear and used for violins, violas and cellos.

Why is my live rosin so dark?

“When people get black rosin coming off their plates it’s because their product is very old or their temperature is too high, and they’re burning it off. Or they leave it on the plate for way too long,” says Paul.

Should I clean the rosin off my strings?

Regular cleaning to prevent rosin build up is important to keep your strings sounding and responding well for longer. Rosin should be applied to the bow hair not to the string. Various cleaning method recommendations have been published and some of them can affect the string performance or its durability.

What rosin do famous violinists use?

Rosin: I use Bernardel violin rosin. My friends at the Violin Shop here in Nashville recommended it. The bassist in my band (Hawktail) also uses it, which is handy when we’re onstage and one of us needs to borrow the other’s rosin.