Is it okay to kill weepers in Dishonored?

Weepers do count for detection. They do raise the Chaos level if they are killed. Kills by Rewired traps will contribute to your kill amounts and Chaos; that’s Watchtowers, Arc Pylons, and Wall of Lights. Rats, Hagfish and River Krust do not raise Chaos if killed.

Does killing weepers count as a kill?

Top Voted Answer. Yes, killing weepers does count because they are still human, the only things you can kill that doesn’t raise chaos/get the bad end are the dogs, the rats, and the fish.

Is it better to kill Granny Rags or slackjaw?

Though Granny Rags will become hostile when Bend Time ends, she will not detect Corvo if he is not within sight. Quickly unlock the door and enter the room to avoid being detected. Slackjaw will win if Corvo kills all the rats that can attack Slackjaw.

Do weepers count against ghost?

Yes, being detected by anything that triggers the bolts (and thus the relevant red bolts) does count as being detected. The only exception to this are the key assassination targets (and hagfish, devices and rats that turn hostile) – those do not count against Ghost/Shadow and the related achievement.

Is killing bad in Dishonored?

The Dishonored series takes a broader approach to death: all enemies and civilians fall into the “killable but you shouldn’t” category. Kill any character in the game, and it will raise your “chaos” level, because of the destruction that death causes through the world.

What happens if you help Granny Rags Cook slackjaw?

Dishonored. What’s the point in helping Granny Rags over Slackjaw? Seriously, she just gives you a rune that you can get anyways, and slackjaw gives you tons of money.

Does killing rats affect clean hands?

In either game, it is unlocked by finishing the game (excluding the prologue in Dishonored) without killing anyone. A tweet from Arkane developer Harvey Smith confirmed that wolfhounds, rats, and river krusts do not count toward body total and therefore will not lock the achievement if killed.

What happens if you kill a weeper in Dishonored?

In the rare case of a weeper managing to kill an NPC, an animation plays in which the victim swats at the many flies that have been vomited onto them, falls to their knees, and dies. Despite the detrimental nature of Weepers, killing them will raise chaos.

What’s the best way to do achievements in Dishonored?

A large number of Achievements in Dishonored revolve around completing levels and then the entire game without being detected or killing anyone. You might as well as use your second playthrough to take care of those and make this game your B. You will be using Blink, Dark Vision, and Bend Time constantly, so upgrade those powers immediately.

How long does it take to play Dishonored?

Dishonored will likely take you 10-15 hours on the first go but can then be completed much more quickly on subsequent runs. Reports of four-hour speedruns were not exaggerated. #1: The golden rule – SAVE OFTEN! Dishonored allows you to save anytime you’re not in combat or a cutscene. And you should.

How do you get rid of Pendletons in Dishonored?

This is optional, because forcing a blunt piece of metal through someone’s skull is far more quick and effective. However, doing that will negate the Clean Hands achievement, and you can get rid of the Pendletons with Slackjaw’s grudging assistance.