Is Kimber a good 1911 brand?

There are many good 1911s out there and the one built by Kimber is among the finest. Key point: Colt made its fame through the powerful and reliable 1911 pistol. That weapon has been around for over 100 years and new companies, such as Kimber, now make their own versions.

What ammo does Kimber recommend?

We recommend using quality American-made ammunition. Choose from trusted names like Federal, Winchester or Remington because ammunition by these makers has proven to be of consistent high quality. Our function testing is done with Federal 230 grain FMJ.

Can you dry fire a Kimber 1911?

Can I dry-fire my pistol? It is safe to dry-fire our centerfire pistols.

Who makes the best looking 1911?

Wilson Combat is well known for making some of the finest 1911s in the industry…and some of the finest 1911 magazines as well. Their Elite Tactical 1911 magazines feature a polymer, non-tilt follower that supports each individual round being fed to prevent double feeds and nose dives.

Is the 1911 the best handgun ever made?

The 1911 pistol is certainly the best ever created seeing that’s perfect size and weight and with all the functionalities of the rest too. The best part about it, is that its original design can be customized in various ways such as: the grips, trigger, barrel, slide, frame, safety switch etc.

What caliber is best for the 1911?

9mm is the best caliber for the 1911. Posted on February 16, 2016 by Caleb. The 1911 is probably the most iconic handgun design ever. No pistol in history has done more – from battlefield to CCW to every single flavor of competition, there are 1911s. It’s just a great gun.

What is the best Kimber 1911 9mm?

a prime example of a compact 1911 in 9mm.

  • 4.25″ barreled Colt pistol.
  • Desert Eagle 1911 C.
  • Kimber Pro Carry II.