Is Maurice Lacroix a luxury brand?

Maurice Lacroix is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in the Canton of Jura and headquartered in Zurich.

How much does Maurice Lacroix watch cost?

How much do Maurice Lacroix watches cost?

Model/Reference number Price (approx.)
Les Classiques Phase de Lune, ref. LC6168-SS002-120-1 2,100 USD
Aikon Automatic Bronze, ref. AI6008-BRZ01-420-1 1,700 USD
Pontos Day Date, ref. PT6358-SS001-130-1 1,400 USD
Eliros Chronograph, ref. EL1098-PVB01-310-1 940 USD

Is Maurice Lacroix a good watch Reddit?

Really like a lot of their watches and they seem good value for the price, especially on the second-hand market. They make some nice looking watches that are tempting at grey market prices, especially the Pontos line.

What makes Maurice Lacroix a good watch brand?

Maurice Lacroix is especially committed to upholding Swiss watchmaking’s high standards and traditions with its innovative designs and high quality/price values. Over the years, the company has won over fifteen significant awards for its watches worldwide. Industry panels have recognized Maurice Lacroix watches for their design and craftsmanship.

When did Maurice Lacroix make the fiaba watch?

In the year 1995 Maurice Lacroix launched Fiaba collection which is characterized by a charming design exclusively manufactured for women. Fiaba is an Italian word for “Fairy Tale”, so clearly it was meant to impress women through its feminine aesthetics coupled with a delicate look with a state of the art technology to last as a signature mark.

When did the Maurice Lacroix eliros come out?

Maurice Lacroix Men’s Eliros. (Image: Amazon) Eliros was showcased for the first time in 1996. Even though being minimally designed this collection is highly sophisticated captivating the very essence of modern classic appearance. Eliros Dates is especially sought after for its affordability and interchangeable bracelets and straps.

Why is Ponto chronograph important to Maurice Lacroix?

They even managed to produce a 12 in-house movement that included a lively, bewitching skeletonized caliber. Regardless of this understated success, Maurice Lacroix has managed to remain afloat with the introduction of several series like Ponto’s chronograph which is targeted to a niche of divers and sports enthusiasts.