Is Pink Taco a franchise?

Pink Taco is a restaurant chain in Los Angeles, California, with locations in West Hollywood on the Sunset Strip and in Century City, located on the premises of the Westfield Century City mall. It serves Mexican food….Pink Taco.

Type Private
Key people Harry Morton (founder and CEO)
Website Pink Taco website

Why is it called Pink Taco?

The Pink Taco concept was first created in 1999 for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, but father Peter Morton sold the hotel and passed the reins of the edgy Mexican brand — named for a slang term for female genitalia — to son Harry, who opened a second unit in Scottsdale, Ariz., in 2006.

What happened to Pink Taco?

EARLIER: Restaurant and nightclub entrepreneur Harry Morton, who owned the Pink Taco eateries and the famed Viper Room nightclub, has died at age 38. He was found unresponsive by his younger brother, Matthew, in his Beverly Hills home Saturday afternoon. No cause of death has been determined.

Who founded Pink Taco?

Harry Morton
Pink Taco/Founders
LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County coroner’s office announced Wednesday that Harry Morton, founder of the Pink Taco restaurant chain and former owner of the Viper Room nightclub in West Hollywood, died of “probable cardiac arrhythmia,” and the manner of death was listed as “natural.”

Is there any pink Mexican food?

New Diner Checho’s Is Bringing Contemporary Mexican Dining to a Pretty Pink Space in Penrith. Now, there’s even more reason to visit the western-Sydney suburb, and it comes in the form of tacos and spicy Margaritas at the recently opened Checho’s.

What does taco mean in slang?

The vulva
(US, slang) The vulva.

When did Pink Taco open in Boston?

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Mexican restaurant Pink Taco made its Boston debut at 374 Congress St on Oct. 7.

What is Pink Taco a reference to?

A reference to a slang term for female genitalia, Pink Taco was known for its edgy “day of the dead” design and heavy bar emphasis. As the chain moves into new markets, the Pink Taco truck will precede all openings to generate buzz, Barker said.

What was Harry Morton cause of death?

Coronary artery disease
Harry Morton/Cause of death

A family spokesperson told outlets at the time, including TMZ, that LA County authorities had found that Morton had died of coronary artery disease and a mildly enlarged heart. The family also stated at the time according to another doctor and family friend, Morton suffered from calcification in three arteries.

Is taco a bad word?

“Taco” or “palabrota” can be phrases, but the most common English equivalents are “swear word” (British) or “curse word” (American), which refer to single words and are therefore unsuitable here. An expletive can be a phrase, but to me it’s a pretty formal word, almost legalistic, and stylistically unsuitable.

What is the Pink Taco in Boston?

A Pink Taco rep says that its name, “Gypsy,” refers to how “the truck roams around from place to place.” That it does: The Gypsy truck has traveled from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and now Boston; it will later zoom into Miami ahead of a future opening there.