Is Roger Ebert in Godzilla?

Before that, there was an obligatory animated spin-off, Godzilla: The Series. This show ran for two seasons from 1998 to 2000 and – unbelievably – retained Mayor Ebert as a recurring character, with Lerner returning to voice the New York mayor even as the series pivoted to a more global adventure story.

Was there 2 Godzillas in the movie 1998?

After being hit with torpedoes, Godzilla was killed. However, the ending of the film set up a sequel by revealing that one of Godzilla’s spawns still lives. A pair of sequels were actually planned, but they never moved forward and the 1998 Godzilla remains a standalone movie.

Is Godzilla good or bad?

But Godzilla hasn’t always been the antagonist. Wingard notes that occasionally in his decades in film, he’s been the good guy — including in the Warner Bros. I mean, he started out bad — he’s gone from that to good. And then he swung back to bad again.

Why did Emmerich and Devlin make the Godzilla movie?

These characters are a reaction by Emmerich and Devlin to negative Siskel and Ebert reviews of their earlier movies (” Stargate ,” ” Independence Day “), but they let us off lightly; I fully expected to be squished like a bug by Godzilla.

Why was Godzilla at the end of the movie?

“Godzilla” is a big, ugly, ungainly device to give teenagers the impression they are seeing a movie. It was the festival’s closing film, coming at the end like the horses in a parade, perhaps for the same reason. It rains all through the “Godzilla,” and it’s usually night. Well, of course it is: That makes the special effects easier to obscure.

Who was the scientist in the movie Godzilla?

Most monster movies have at least one bleeding-heart environmentalist to argue the case of the monstrous beast, but here we get only Niko Tatopoulos ( Matthew Broderick ), an expert on the mutant earthworms of Chernobyl, who seems less like a scientist than like a place-holder waiting for a rewrite (“insert more interesting character here”).

Who was the mayor of New York in Godzilla?

None of these characters emerges as anything more than a source of obligatory dialogue. Oh, and then there are New York’s Mayor Ebert (gamely played by Michael Lerner) and his adviser, Gene (Lorry Goldman).