Is there a recall on Light bulbs?

Sold under the brand names Definity, EcoSmart, Sylvania and Westinghouse, Lighting Science Group has recalled about 554,000 120-volt LED bulbs due to risk of overheating. The affected 6- 8- and 9-watt bulbs (equivalent to 40 or 50 watts) are model numbers A19, G25 and R20/PAR20. The recall number is 13-142.

Who makes ecosmart led?

Lighting Science Group
Lighting Science Group is proud to be the technology provider behind The Home Depot’s ECOSMART lighting products, and deliver an American solution for our energy and environmental challenges.” The A19 ECOSMART LED bulb is available on Home Depot’s website ( and in stores nationwide.

Where are ecosmart light bulbs manufactured?

First consider the EcoSmart A19 LED bulb, which is assembled in China but comes from the Lighting Science Group in Florida.

Are Sylvania light bulbs safe?

At OSRAM SYLVANIA, your safety is important to us. A voluntary recall has been announced by CPSC that includes certain OSRAM SYLVANIA ULTRA™ LED lighting products with the following bulb shapes: A19, G25, and PAR20. The bulbs may overheat, resulting in the potential to cause a fire hazard.

Why do LED lights flicker without dimmer?

LED Lights Flicker Without Dimmer The fault could lie in the LED bulb, in the wiring, or in the current regulation. Sometimes a short wire length within the light fixture could be at fault. Another thing that can cause flickering is the power factor, which is the efficiency of appliances in the circuit.

Are EcoSmart LED bulbs good?

The EcoSmart bulb puts out plenty of warm white brightness from a low power draw, and does so evenly in all directions. That bulb costs a little bit less while still offering slightly better efficiency, comparable brightness, and better performance with dimmer switches. It’s close, though.

Are there any light bulbs not made in China?

Yes, there are American made light bulbs. However, almost all of these light bulbs are ASSEMBLED in the USA from domestic and imported parts. Since most consumers look to purchase a cheaper light bulb, most light bulbs are manufactured over seas in China where it is more cost effective for companies to do so.

Do Sylvania light bulbs have mercury?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs don’t have a good reputation. “Compact fluorescent light bulbs are a health risk.” SYLVANIA compact fluorescent light bulbs comply with applicable industry and international requirements. “Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain too much mercury.”