Should you lie on your resume Reddit?

It’s really unfortunate. Don’t lie on your resume people. Your employer will find out and the risks are not worth the benefits. I convey the story often but a guy I knew in college (but who did not attend college) just made up a completely fake resume and got an 80k/year sales job with a fortune 500 company.

Does it look bad to graduate late?

As many people have already said, in the US, graduating a semester or a year late doesn’t matter. Just because a person graduates on time or early doesn’t mean they’ll be more successful or happier in life. So, try to remember that graduating late doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

Can you graduate high school with an F?

Yes, but you might need to pass a test, or if your lucky your high school might not require all classes passed. Ask your counselor. failing grades if you pass the state test. They also only require 22 credits so you can fail 4 semesters and still graduate.