An analytical essay is the study and consideration of the topic chosen as the subject of analysis. This implies both the analysis of the topic itself and the definition of its structural components. When writing an analytical essay, the subject of study can be chosen as a feature film, a literary work, and discovery, a phenomenon in social and public life, scientific research and much more. In general, everything can be the subject of study in an analytical essay.

How to determine the topic of analytical essay

The choice of topic for writing an essay directly affects its content and structure. For example, if a literary work is chosen as the object of study, the following structural elements can be considered in an analytical essay:

  • the literary style is chosen by the author when writing the work;
  • directly the theme of the work, the study of the methods that the author uses for its disclosure;
  • the presence in the work of speech turns, the use of literary techniques;
  • analysis of the influence of the work on readers;
  • the opinion of literary critics about this work.

There are two options for choosing a topic for writing an analytical essay:

  1. The choice is made independently. In this case, the author chooses the object of interest on his own, which he would like to study and describe in detail. But at the same time, it is very important to assess the ability to consistently analyze the text from the angle of a particular problem.
  2. The choice is made by the teacher. When students write an essay, the topic for research is determined by the teacher. In this case, the object of analysis can be a very broad concept, and then the students face the task of narrowing it down or breaking it up into components. This will help simplify the process of writing an essay.

Another important factor is also the purpose for which the essay is written. After all, with the help of an essay, you can demonstrate a variety of skills: the ability to clearly and briefly formulate your thought, literacy and calmness in statements or creativity and non-standard approach to problem analysis.

The choice of literary sources when writing an analytical essay

The essay differs from other types of written analytical works in its brevity. However, when writing an essay, it is necessary to use literary sources, references to which in turn should be indicated in it. As the basis for writing an analytical essay can be used scientific works, textbooks, literary works, publications, journals.

The choice of sources of literature is directly connected not only with the topic of the essay but also with the opinion of society and famous personalities, in particular, specifically about the subject of study. Therefore, the presence of quotations and excerpts from the statements of authoritative persons about the chosen topic will give the essay brightness and credibility.

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Making a plan as a tool to facilitate writing an essay

While writing an analytical essay, the plan is not written in it. However, to simplify the procedure for writing an essay, future text can be divided into structural parts:

  1. An introduction in which you need to designate an idea or an object of analysis selected for writing an essay.
  2. The main part, which consists of the analysis and research of the ideas and theses indicated in the introduction, and arguments.
  3. The final part, which draws conclusions made during the writing of the analytical essay.

Using this structure, the process of writing an essay is reduced to the choice of a topic and an idea, information on which will be written on three points.

The final stage in writing an analytical essay

After the topic is selected, all information on it has been collected and arranged in accordance with the structure, all theses and ideas are shown with weighty arguments, it is very important not to forget to check the correctness of the essay in terms of spelling and punctuation. It is not allowed to make mistakes when writing an essay. It is necessary to check the work done also for compliance with regulatory documents.

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