What are some male Russian last names?

70+ Popular Russian Last Names That Will Make You Want To Visit Moscow

  • Ivanov. Cyrillic spelling: Иванов
  • Petrov. Cyrillic spelling: Петров
  • Sidorov. Cyrillic spelling: Сидоров
  • Smirnoff. Cyrillic spelling: Смирнов
  • Volkov. Cyrillic spelling: Волков
  • Fedorov. Cyrillic spelling: Фёдоров
  • Popov. Cyrillic spelling: Поповv.
  • Semenov.

What is a good Russian name for a boy?

After Aleksander, here are some of the most common boy names in Russia:

  • Maxim – Максим. A name of Latin origin, it means “the greatest.”
  • Artyom – Артём, Артем.
  • Mikhail – Михаил.
  • Ivan – Иван.
  • Daniel, Danila, Danil – Даниил, Данила, Данил.
  • Dmitriy – Дмитрий.
  • Kirill – Кирилл.
  • Andrei – Андрей.

What is a typical Russian last name?

The Top 40 Russian Surnames and Meanings

Surname in English Meaning Details and Variations
Petrov son of Pyotr female: Petrova
Sidorov son of Sidor female: Sidorova
Kuznetsov from кузнец – blacksmith female: Kuznetsova
Popov from поп – priest female: Popova

Are Russian names last name first?

Russian names are structured as [first name] [middle patronymic name] [SURNAME]. E.g. Igor Mihajlovich MEDVEDEV (male) or Natalia Borisovna PAVLOVA (female). Address people using their first name (casual) or first name and patronymic name (formal). The patronymic name is never used alone.

What’s the best boy name?

Top 1,000 most popular baby boy names

  • Liam.
  • Noah.
  • Oliver.
  • Elijah.
  • William.
  • James.
  • Benjamin.
  • Lucas.

What is the best name for a boy?

Top Baby Boy Names

  • Liam.
  • Noah.
  • Oliver.
  • Elijah.
  • William.
  • James.
  • Benjamin.
  • Lucas.

What is the most common Russian male name?

Most popular male baby names in Moscow, Russia from January to November 2020, by registrations

Characteristic Newborn registrations
Alexander 2,310
Mikhail 2,214
Maxim 2,115
Artyom 1,691

Do Russian surnames change with gender?

The endings of surnames are a key not only to a person’s nationality but also to their gender. Most Russian surnames change their ending in the feminine: usually the letter “-a” is added at the end (Ivanova, Sorokina), or “-sky” changes into “-skaya” (Moskovskaya).

What are the most popular Russian boys names?

Here are the short forms of the most popular Russian boy names: Sasha, Max, Vanya, Tyoma, Dima, Nik, Misha, Danya. Interestingly enough, the names Yegor and Andrey don’t have a short form and remain unchanged. Other common Russian names for boys are Vladimir, Sergei, Aleksei, Nikolai, Yury, Vasily, and Pyotr .

What are some common Russian first names?

Russian First Names of the Soviet Period Klara – a Latin female name, “light”, popular in Germany. Svetozar – a male Old Slavic name, “illuminating light.” Miloslava – Old Slavic female name, “glorious with grace.” Damir – the abbreviated name derived from the revolutionary slogan: “Long live the world revolution!”

What are some cute Russian names?

25 Russian Names That Are Insanely Cute 25 Sasha. Meaning ‘defender of mankind’, Sasha is diminutive of the name Alexander. 24 Tatiana. Deriving from the Latin name Tatius, this Russian beauty is a chic variation. 23 Misha. 22 Irina. 21 Mikhail. 20 Anastasia. 19 Katerina. 18 Maxim. 17 Feliks. 16 Nikolay.

What is the most popular Russian name?

The most popular last name in Russia is IVANOV.