What are the duties of a collections representative?

Primary responsibilitiesCollect payments on past due bills.Create a list of people who have not made payments.Organize list according to severity of delinquency.Locate customers using credit bureau information, background checks, loan documents, and other paperwork or databases.Call customers using telephone.

What skills do you need to be a successful debt collector?

The best collectors have a range of skills that make them successful – intelligence, intuition, the ability to be objective, quick thinking to adapt to new situations, good diction and communication skills, the ability to problem-solve, and some charisma.

How does the collections process work?

How Does Debt Collection Work? Sometimes these agencies act as middlemen, collecting customers’ delinquent debts—debts that are at least 60 days past due—and remitting them to the original creditor. The creditor pays the collector a percentage, typically 25% to 50% of the amount collected.

What does a customer service representative do?

Customer service representatives interact with customers to handle complaints, process orders, and provide information about an organization’s products and services. Customer service representatives typically do the following: Listen to customers’ questions and concerns, and provide answers or responses.

What is a good customer service representative?

Customer service representatives need strong listening and speaking skills to clearly and accurately respond to customer inquiries and concerns. They must listen carefully to customers to understand their needs and concerns in order to be able to resolve the call as efficiently and effectively as possible.