What are the internal dimensions of a Renault Master van?

The interior dimensions (length) of the Renault Master FWD cargo space is 2583mm (L1), 3083mm (L2), and 3722mm (L3). The interior width of the Master Van is 1765mm and the exterior width is 2470mm. The interior height of the Renault Master FWD is 1700mm (H1), 1894mm (H2), and 2144mm (H3).

What can I fit in a Renault Master?

Their maximum load capacity ranges from 12.4 to 17 cubic metres and can move lengths from 3733mm to 4383mm. Payloads for a 3.5-tonne van range from 1207kg in the L3 to 1160kg for an L4; however, there is the option to have a 4.5-tonne Renault Master that increases payloads in the L3 to 2151kg and 2128kg for the L4.

How long is a Renault Master long wheel base van?

Van dimensions

Body style Height Length
FWD MWB high-roof van 2,749mm 5,548mm
FWD LWB medium-roof van 2,488mm 6,198mm
FWD LWB high-roof van 2,744mm 6,198mm
RWD MWB medium-roof van SW 2,527mm 6,198mm

What are the dimensions of a Renault Trafic van?

The interior width of the Trafic is 1662mm and the exterior width is 2283mm. The interior height of the Renault Trafic is 1387mm (H1), and 1898mm (H2). The wheelbase lengths are 3098mm (SWB), and 3498mm (MWB). The width between the wheel arches on this model is 1268mm.

Is the Renault master a good van?

The Renault Master has consistently been one of the top five best-selling vans in the UK over the past 10 years thanks to its low retail price, excellent warranty and productivity. One of its traditional weaker points, fuel economy, was improved over the summer and we put one new example, the 165 Energy, to the test.

Are Renault Masters reliable?

Are Renault Masters any good?

The Master is the largest offering in the Renault van line-up. This version was a popular and versatile van, offered in a wide range of configurations to suit most needs. It’s solidly built and dependable, and the dedicated Renault commercial vehicle network provides a responsive and supportive…

What is the length of a Renault Trafic?

Renault hasn’t altered any of the vital bits about the latest Trafic van. The overall length remains 4998mm and 5398mm for standard and long-wheelbase models respectively, while the internal storage lengths range from 2537mm to 2937mm.

How tall is a Renault Master FWD Van?

The interior width of the Master Van is 1765mm and the exterior width is 2470mm. The interior height of the Renault Master FWD is 1700mm (H1), 1894mm (H2), and 2144mm (H3).

When did the Renault Master FWD come out?

Renault has made this model from 2010 on. It’s the third generation of Masters. This is the Front Wheel Drive (FWD) version of the Renault Master. For a van with larger dimensions, please check out the Renault Master Rear Wheel Drive (RWD).

Is the Renault Master rear wheel drive or front wheel drive?

With four load lengths and three roof heights, the Renault Master has the widest choice of body sizes of any panel van. Customers should be aware, however, that rear wheel drive models have a smaller load area due to the higher load floor.

What is the maximum payload of a Renault Master?

Renault Master FWD SL maximum payload: 873kg Renault Master FWD SM maximum payload: 1,551kg Renault Master FWD MM maximum payload: 1,479kg Renault Master FWD MH maximum payload: 1,454kg