What are the specs for a HTPC?

The key pieces and parts to any HTPC are the following:

  • Fast processor: You need a fast Core II Duo processor (preferably 2.0 GHz or faster) or an equivalent AMD processor.
  • Sufficient RAM: For an HTPC, you need at least 2GB of RAM; 4GB or more is a good idea.

Can you game on an HTPC?

Your computer hardware can run like an Xbox One home theatre. For many, the purpose of an HTPC is to turn their TV into a full entertainment setup, with total access to games, music, movies and TV shows. You can automatically split it up into photos, movies, TV shows, music etc.

Do I need a graphics card to watch Netflix?

You will either need a Kaby Lake or newer processor capable of HEVC decoding. Alternatively, if you have an older CPU, an Nvidia graphics card will also do the trick. As long as you have a GTX 10-series GPU, starting from the GTX 1050 and up, you will be able to stream Netflix’s selection of 4K content.

Can you plug a gaming PC into a TV?

That means that to hook up a gaming PC to a television, all you need is an HDMI cable. (You might be able to use a DVI or VGA cable, depending on how fancy your TV is, but then you’ll have to use a separate audio connection. TVs generally run a lot bigger than gaming monitors.

What was the original purpose of XBMC on the Xbox?

XBMC began its life as the Xbox Media Center, a utility designed to transform the Xbox gaming console into a robust media streamer and playback device.

What do you need to know about HTPC Media Player?

You’ll need first to consider the specific hardware inside your HTPC, and what you’ll be asking your machine to do once it’s sitting inside your living room. A wide variety of HTPC media player applications is available, and this variety is both a blessing and a curse.

Which is the best front end interface for HTPC?

HTPC Showdown: Which front-end interface is best? 1 Windows Media Center. We can’t discuss media software without considering Windows Media Center —it’s been a staple of home theater PCs for more than a decade. 2 XBMC and OpenELEC. 3 MediaPortal. 4 Plex. 5 Decision time.

Is the XBMC OS compatible with Linux distro?

XBMC has even been paired to a streamlined Linux distro and made available as a stand-alone media-streaming OS called OpenELEC, the “Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center.” On supported hardware, OpenELEC can be installed in minutes, and it consumes only 125MB or less—meaning it could be run from a small flash drive.