What do you need to know about Tassimo T Discs?

T DISCS are the offical TASSIMO pods and is short for ‘TASSIMO DISCS’. Whether you are looking for coffee pods, cappuccino or latte pods, TASSIMO has the right T DISCS for you. Not a big fan of coffee? Try TASSIMO hot chocolate or tea pods. With TASSIMO T DISCS, you can create high quality coffee and hot drinks, really fast & easy.

What kind of coffee pods can I buy at Tassimo?

At TASSIMO you can buy all available T DISCS. There are T DISCS from multiple brands, ranging from Costa coffee pods to Cadbury Hot Chocolate T DISCS, offering different hot drinks, coffee types and flavours. Depending on your taste preferences, buy the coffee pods of your choice. All TASSIMO pods are compatible with every TASSIMO machine.

Where to buy Gevalia Tassimo decaf T Discs?

Buy top selling products like Gevalia Espresso Decaf T DISCs for Tassimo™ Beverage System 16-Count and Gevalia Espresso T DISCs for Tassimo™ Beverage System 16-Count. Shop now! skip to navigationskip to primary content

How many T-Discs can you fit in a martini glass?

It will hold at least 40 (10 per column) of the small T-discs. If you have a specialty drink that takes 2 discs (1 small T-disc and 1 large T-disc), it can accomodate those too. I normally alternate the small and the large in the same column and that works out to 4 small and 4 large discs per column.

Is the Tassimo coffee still available at Starbucks?

Sergiu, Starbucks parted ways with Tassimo about three years ago. In other words, T-discs are no longer available. Starbucks coffee is available a K-cup for the Keurig brewing system or as Vue packs for that system.

How does Tassimo single serve coffee pods work?

Single Serve Coffee Pods such as Tassimo T Discs Coffee are delivered alongside your standard coffee, tea, or single serve K-Cup refills when you place your order at once, ensuring your home, office, or restaurant beverage service is stocked with Tassimo T-Discs Coffee and Tassimo Single Serve T-Disc Coffee .

Is the Tassimo single serving hot beverage machine expensive?

Tassimo single-serving hot beverage machines are a quick and convenient way to get a delicious cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate exactly when you want it. The only problem is, the T-Discs can be on the costly side. Here are some tips to find Tassimo T Discs cheap, to warm you up without leaving your wallet cold.