What does a blue sash mean at graduation?

Some of these attributes may be elements of your school’s mission statement, so their presence in the graduation wear could be powerful during commencement activities. Additionally, in the presentation of degrees, light blue indicates achievement in education.

What does a sash symbolize?

Sash definitions A band or ribbon worn about the waist as part of one’s clothing or over the shoulder as a symbol of rank. An ornamental band, ribbon, or scarf worn over the shoulder or around the waist, often formally as a symbol of distinction.

What does a black cord mean at graduation?

Black. Black color cords are distributed to the students graduating with a degree in business administration, commerce, business education, accounting, labor relations, or commercial science.

Can I wear two stoles at graduation?

As far as I know, multiple stoles are considered acceptable (or at least at my school they are). To wear a graduation stole, put on your gown first and make sure it’s fitted on you properly. It should not be hanging off your shoulders or hung too far forward or back.