What does a gym receptionist do?

Gym Receptionists make the clients of a gym feel welcome and complete a variety of front desk tasks, such as taking phone calls, answering to questions, handling correspondence, and keeping the reception area clean and well-organized.

How should I dress for an interview at a gym?

Opt for a look that’s in between workout gear and a suit. For men, a buttoned up collared shirt and khaki pants with a belt will exude a sharp image. Women can wear a skirt or dress pants with a crisp blouse and closed shoes. Ladies should wear light makeup, trimmed nails, minimal jewellery, and limited perfume.

Do gym employees get free membership?

Free Membership: Most gyms offer their employees a free membership, and that sometimes extends to immediate family members as well. Organizations like municipal rec centers and the YMCA even have employee discounts for swimming lessons and other amenities. You will be saving money while making money!

Do you have to be in shape to work at a gym?

If your plans are to change yourself and be an inspiration to others then working at a gym would be the right thing to do. No, you don’t have to be in shape to work as a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness.

Can you work at a gym?

If you wish to work at a particular gym, ask them what fitness training certifications they accept. Usually, the fitness director or general manager can supply you with a list. Besides personal trainer jobs, gym facilities hire entry level candidates as receptionists and sales associates.

How much does Gold Gym pay employees?

Hourly pay at Gold’s Gym ranges from an average of $8.10 to $24.22 an hour. Gold’s Gym employees with the job title Personal Trainer make the most with an average hourly rate of $16.08, while employees with the title Front Desk Clerk make the least with an average hourly rate of $9.55.

Does Gold’s Gym pay weekly or biweekly?

It is biweekly. Every associate gets paid biweekly. Biweekly but you have two set dates. The 5th and 20th of every month.

How old do you have to be to work at a gym?

18 years old

Can you work at Planet Fitness at 16?

The minimum age to work at Planet Fitness is 18, so 16-year-old’s can’t work there.

What are the best jobs for 18 year olds?

18 Best Full-Time Jobs for 18 Year OldsDog Walker. This is a perfect job for an animal lover and an excellent way to get active, too. Front Desk Clerk. Youth Sports Coach. Lawn Care Technician. Bank Teller. Photographer. Caregiver.

How old do u have to be to work at Gold’s Gym?

18 years

Can a 12 year old go to Gold’s Gym?

Kids Club Rules and Regulations: Children must be at least 4 months old and no older than 11 years of age. Gold’s Gym reserves the right to require documentation of age. hours; children between the ages of 3 to 11 years of age are permitted use for up to two (2) hours.

What happens if you don’t pay Gold’s Gym?

If you don’t pay your bill and the gym takes you to collections, the debt collection agency will report it and this will harm your score.

How do I quit Gold’s Gym?

Cancel Gym’s Gold via mail Contact your local gym and ask for the proper address for sending your cancelation request. Prepare a request to cancel membership outlining the reasons for canceling.

How many times can you bring a friend to the gym?

It’s easier to hit your fitness goals when there’s someone there to motivate you. Bring a friend with you up to four times a month, every month.

How much is Gold’s Gym a month?

Gold’s Gym You might be surprised at how affordable Gold’s Gym is. A basic monthly membership costs $25. You’ll also have to pay a $25 initiation fee when you first sign up.