What does fair mean in Freak the Mighty?

Kevin, or Freak, is a reader and is enamored with the stories of King Arthur. Because his mother is so patient and so kind, he refers to her as The Fair Guinevere, a representation of the ultimate kind woman in his mind.

What is Gwen’s first reaction when seeing Max?

What is Gwen’s first reaction when seeing Max? She is happy to see him. She tells Freak to never play with Max.

What causes the Fair Gwen to invite Max for dinner in Freak the Mighty?

Embarrassed by her behavior, Gwen has called to apologize and invite Max to dinner. Gwen was a good friend of Max’s mother before her marriage to Max’s father and was just surprised to see that Max had grown so large. Gwen says that she is pleased that Kevin and Max are friends.

Is Fair Gwen Max’s mom?

Freak’s mother; he often calls her “Fair Gwen of Air,” a play on Guinevere from the King Arthur legends. When Gwen was young, she was Max’s mother, Annie’s, best friend. She’s extremely beautiful, kind, and protective of Freak, and she’s one of the first adults that Max decides is okay.

Why did Gwen Call gram?

Why did Gwen call Gram? Gwen called Gram to apologize for how she reacted when she first saw Max. She also wanted to invite Max over for supper to make up for it.

Why was Gwen speaking so fast?

Gwen says that she thought Max’s father was crazy, and pretty scary too. I think she talked so fast because she kept on thinking about what Max’s father did. Also, she wanted to make sure Max wasn’t offended about Gwen talking about both of his parents so much.

What does Gwen do after freak dies?

After Kevin (Freak) Dies She Moves Away Because she couldn’t stand living in that house with Freak not around. She also now has a boyfriend and they are crazy about each other according to Loretta Lee.

Why does Kevin miss the funeral?

Why does Max miss Kevin’s funeral and Gwen going away? Max misses all of that because it would be to sad for him and he would start crying in from of everybody. What does Max do with the empty book? Max starts to write all the adventures they had and when Max is finish he is proud of what he did.