What does the word lavalliere mean?

A lavalier or lavaliere or lavalliere is an item of jewellery consisting of a pendant, sometimes with one stone, pendulous and centered from a necklace.

What means responsive?

1 : giving response : constituting a response : answering a responsive glance responsive aggression. 2 : quick to respond or react appropriately or sympathetically : sensitive.

What is meant by carcanet?

archaic. : an ornamental necklace, chain, collar, or headband.

What do you mean by intravenously?

IV (intravenous): Within a vein. IV is the abbreviation for “intravenous.” The word “intravenous” is quite properly an adjective. It means, according to Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, “situated, performed, or occurring within or entering by way of a vein.”

Why is it important to be responsive?

When you are responsive: It gives your recipient a sense that they are important to you. Gives the impression that you are well organised and are able to move quickly. Suggests to your recipient that you are someone that is a “doer” rather than someone who is indecisive.

What does responsive love mean?

That means focusing on our experience to the extent that it responds to the appeal of something or to the demand of somebody other. Concerning love I want to emphasize three main aspects: Love appears as a kind of pathos or affect which touches us.

What is IV in medicine?

Intravenous means “within a vein.” Most often it refers to giving medicines or fluids through a needle or tube inserted into a vein. For example, your health care provider may prescribe medicines to be given through a vein, or an intravenous (IV) line.

What is a sorority lavalier?

The lavalier is an esteemed as a way to express your commitment and love for one another as a collegiate couple. The male partner presents his female love interest with a lavalier necklace, featuring the Greek letters of his fraternity. Lavaliering is an important step in showcasing a male’s devotion to a fraternity.