What episode do Jim and Pam get together?

Casino Night
Casino Night

“Casino Night”
The Office episode
Episode no. Season 2 Episode 22
Directed by Ken Kwapis
Written by Steve Carell

What episode does Pam cheat on Jim?

Customer Loyalty
Episode no. “Customer Loyalty” is the twelfth episode of the ninth season of the American comedy television series The Office and the 188th episode overall. The episode was written by Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller, and directed by Kelly Cantley. It originally aired on NBC on January 24, 2013.

What episodes do Jim and Pam kiss?

Season 2. Throughout the second season, Pam’s romantic feelings for Jim become more evident although Pam herself seems to be ignorant or in denial of its existence. Jim and Pam share their first on-camera kiss in “The Dundies”, when a drunken Pam kisses Jim full on the lips after receiving a Dundie Award.

Is Angela really pregnant in the rookie?

Alyssa is not pregnant now, but she was pregnant in 2020 when Season 3 of The Rookie was filmed. Hence, Angela’s baby bump is the real deal! When Alyssa called up the showrunners and announced she was pregnant, the writers of the show decided to write in her pregnancy instead of cover it up.

What are the top 10 Jim and Pam moments?

From the beginning, we have followed their storyline to see how this couple has developed both separately and together. Through heartbreak and many tears, these are the top ten Jim and Pam moments in The Office! Beware, spoilers ahead. 1. Pam Falls Asleep On His Shoulder (S1, E2 “Diversity Day”) In this episode, Jim has a bad day in the office.

What happens to Jim and Pam’s relationship in Season 7?

During the course of season 7, Jim and Pam are shown to be extremely happy having their own family and their relationship grows and strengthens even further than ever. Later, Michael has his dramatic last day. In tears, he and the office part ways.

When did Pam fall asleep on Jim’s Shoulder?

1. Pam Falls Asleep On His Shoulder (S1, E2 “Diversity Day”) In this episode, Jim has a bad day in the office. He wants to re-up the annual sell that holds a quarter of his yearly commission, but the sale is stolen by Dwight.

Where can I watch Jim and Pam’s Christmas party?

Watch “Christmas Party” here. During a rare heart-to-heart between Jim and Michael, Jim admits he used to have a thing for Pam. This is the episode where Jim dumps Katy, and Pam and Roy decide to finally set a date. Watch “Booze Cruise” here.