What ethnicity is PJ Harvey?

PJ Harvey, in full Polly Jean Harvey, (born October 9, 1969, Corscombe, near Yeovil, England), British singer-songwriter and guitarist whose mythically pitched, fanatically intense recordings and concerts set new standards for women in rock.

What is a white chalk?

Chalk is a soft, white, porous, sedimentary carbonate rock, a form of limestone composed of the mineral calcite and originally formed deep under the sea by the compression of sub-microscopic plankton which had fallen to the sea floor. …

How can I contact PJ Harvey?

PJ Harvey Agent and Management Contact Details @(pjharveyofficial)

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Where does PJ Harvey live now?

PJ: It’s on the southwest coast of England. Where I live now is where I was born, and that is a seaside town right on the cliffs.

Did Nick Cave and PJ Harvey have a relationship?

Cave and Harvey, who often collaborated artistically during their rise to fame, had a brief and profoundly intense relationship during the mid-1990s before it ended in particularly heartwrenching circumstances for the Bad Seeds frontman.

What is PJ Harvey vocal range?

PJ’s vocal approach could perhaps most accurately be described as unorthodox. A relatively low mezzo-soprano, in her earlier albums she adopted a rather weighty tone and used her upper register inconsistently, mostly to break into a tentative falsetto or belt in the lower fifth octave.

Who eats chalk?

People with pica want to (and often do) eat raw starch, dirt, ice, or chalk, among other things. Pica is considered a type of eating disorder, and it is also linked to obsessive-compulsive behaviors, malnutrition, and pregnancy.

Why is chalk white?

Chalk is white because it is formed from the colourless skeletons of marine plankton. The Cretaceous chalk is free from impurities because sea levels were very high, so there was little land exposed to supply other sediments, and as the continental margins were flooded most land was far away.

Is PJ Harvey still touring?

Find information on all of PJ Harvey’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2021-2022. Unfortunately there are no concert dates for PJ Harvey scheduled in 2021.

How old is PJ Harvey now?

51 years (October 9, 1969)
PJ Harvey/Age

What are the reviews of white chalk by PJ Harvey?

White Chalk received generally positive reviews and has a score of 80 out of 100 on Metacritic. Uncut hailed the album in glowing terms, calling it “an album of lonely beauty and piercing sorrow” before concluding, ” White Chalk is P.J. Harvey back at the peak of her considerable powers.”

How old is Polly Jean Harvey from PJ Harvey?

Polly Jean ” PJ ” Harvey MBE (born 9 October 1969) is an English musician and singer-songwriter. Primarily known as a vocalist and guitarist, she is also proficient with a wide range of instruments.

Which is the darkest album PJ Harvey has released?

White Chalk is Harvey ‘s darkest album yet — which, considering that she’s sung about dismembering a lover and drowning her daughter, is saying something.

How did PJ Harvey come up with their name?

Harvey decided to name the trio PJ Harvey after rejecting other names as “nothing felt right at all or just suggested the wrong type of sound”, and also to allow her to continue music as a solo artist. The trio consisted of Harvey on vocals and guitars, Ellis on drums and backing vocals, and Oliver on bass.